Sinatra_Z - Butterflies of the night

Interesting enough, had several chat with some friends and acquaintances,
somehow I learn a lot about GRO's.

Don't ask me who or how I know it, but rest assured someone as cheap as me will not spend money at night clubs to go karaoke with some "girls".

Guest Relation Officers,
As the saying goes, money can't buy love.... So rent it.

These men know that perfectly, some just want to have some fun, while some just want to relive some memories of their younger days. So they go there, and these girls merely provide a service.

But don't be mistaken,
they are not prostitute, you don't pay them for sex, you pay them for their company. While some may charge you something extra for 2nd base, most of them will do you for free if they fancy you.

Oh yes,
they do give you something extra if you're nice to them, if you know what to say or how to treat these women nicely. They give you many things, in fact almost anything, anything but Love.

"Diorang ni macam jinak-jinak merpati la, dia datang kat you lepas tu dia manja-manja, sekali you dah sangkut dan cakap I love you je dia, terbang la pergi."

Butterflies is when you go there without booking, they will come to you if you buy them a drink and give them some pocket money, to accompany you sing. But if the other table offer them better, they will walk away, counter offer with something sweeter they will stay.

While booking, which may cost much-much more, gives you the guarantee of their company for the whole night.

"These are normal girls you know, most of them do send back money back to kampung. Lying of course by saying they work at some factory or what. They make good money here, they can have fun and help families back at home, win-win situation. Hari raya nanti pakailah baju kurung."

It pays much higher and easier (and fun too) then say working at a factory.

"They make good money?" I asked

"Oh yes, yeah, I once followed one of these girls to go collect their salary, you would be be very impressed I tell you."

"So they live comfortably eh, kaya lah! Work hard then retire early."

"Oh no, they make good money all right, but they spend it good as well."

"How so?"

"Their business may be squeezing money from men. But there will always be that one man, that one arsehole, who in turn squeeze money from them."

"Serious? Like a pimp?"

"Something similar, but unlike a pimp, this one promises her that once his business takes off she can leave everything and they can settle down together. That sort of a man if you know what I mean. With sweet words and empty promises."

"These girls... Shouldn't they, of all the people could see that from a mile away."

"Alah, diorang tu, macamana pun, akhirnya..... Perempuan jugak."

like butterflies,
are easily attracted to sweet words and honeyed hopes.

To think that I have an article pending. Oh well, good night folks.