Sinatra_Z - Datin Seri and a very desperate man

And so the nation follows the epic court case between a popular charismatic politician and a good looking young man.

Even though there are explicit gory details of genitalia and other parts of the body that would surely make one squirm (or at least makes most of us) nonetheless the public can’t help but follow these dramatic events eagerly.

Indeed it is such an epic court case that the drama isn’t confined to the court room alone; in comparison it would make Desperate Housewives seemed like a boring RTM documentary about dengue. From shouting slogans and banners in the court halls to protests that attracts less than 30 people; indeed the comparison to “Sivaji The Boss” truly befits our charismatic politician.

A fictional character with ridiculous heroic fighting ability that is obviously fake. Truly a fabricated work of fiction designed to give short term feel-good feelings to its audience.