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Metro Tabernacle is a Church located near my home,
very near to the place where I hang out and have my drinking tea sessions (yum char)

It is a church in which my former teacher Mr John Ebenizer goes to.
Many friends and acquaintances are also members of that parish.

In light of the issue regarding the usage of the word Allah,
as much as I embrace discourse by writing and discussion I do not condone violence.

I stood there last night as I see the fumes coming out from afar, imagining what would they feel that night. It's pathetic at how I dare not come near to console some of the friends whom I saw that night, perhaps there was a feeling of guilt, shame, cowardice or the fact that I need to learn more in being a decent human being.

And if by my writing,
somehow affected these acts of violence then I humbly apologise.

I do pray that these incidents do not escalate into something further,
something uglier into which instability may reign upon our nation and I pray that the culprits may be brought to justice as soon as possible.

Though I stood still by my views regarding this issue,
I think, for now I shall let the justice system run it's course.

Like I mentioned before, if the courts decided to give a verdict that is not to my favour then I shall accept it, and if it does go to my favour there will not be celebrations of me shouting slogans or putting up banners.

For now,
As much as I embrace discourse, debates and arguments, I think it's about time I cease these prolonged debates. We all have said our piece and point of views.

Perhaps it's time to chill.

I do not wish to witness any other arson on churches, mosques, temples and etc.
Flame wars on the internet is as hot as I get.

May peace be upon us.


I don't believe your discourse aggravated the situation.

Malaysians need to understand personal responsibility, and that reacting to mere words that do not physically harm with violence is an abrogation of personal responsibility.

The foundation of Free Speech is personal responsibility. We cannot control what other people say, offensive or otherwise. What we CAN control are our own actions, and to not react with violence but with words towards forces of intolerance is the way forward.

It is therefore correct for any side to shout out their views, should they not inflict physical harm, whichever side they're on. But some people choose to take the personal decision to inflict violence, and it is this that must be stopped, regardless of who's side they're on.

If words are suppressed by force, then only force can rule. It is thus the responsility of everyone to not escalate the use of force, but continue using only discourse to challenge each other.


its not ur fault - Terdapat kemungkinan ada pihak lain yang mengambil kesempatan untuk melakukan perkara seperti ini semata-mata untuk menyemarakkan permusuhan antara agama - tidak mustahil ia dilakukan oleh pembangkang untuk menggagalkan perjuangan ini atau mungkin juga penganut agam Kristian sendiri bagi menarik simpati masyarakat terhadap mereka atau mungkin juga ia tajaan pihak luar untuk mewujudkan kekecauan dalam negara dan sejumlah kemungkinan yang lain. Saya berharap pihak penganut agama Kristian tidak melulu menuduh dan over-reacting dalam hal ini dan dapat bersabar sementara siasatan dijalankan.



I came across your website and I wish to express that I am very appalled by that unfortunate issue going on in Malaysia. For your information, I am a minority Bumiputera from Sarawak and I am a Catholic. Try to put yourself in my shoes, then you will know how it feels. A 2nd class bumiputera also exists you know, that is people like me. I lived in Peninsular Malaysia for the past couple of years, and people like me do not fit in with anyone there.WHEN IS THIS RACIAL CATEGORIZATION GOING TO END? Then now my churches were attacked? Also the past few months the case of the beheaded cow.WHATS NEXT,HUH, DEMOLITION OF A BUDDHIST TEMPLE?


I am looking at two situations:

a. Selangor state anthem, which reads:

Duli Yang Maha Mulia
Selamat di atas takhta
Allah lanjutkan usia Tuanku
Rakyat mohon restu bawah Duli Tuanku
Bahagia selama-lamanya
Aman dan sentosa
Duli Yang Maha Mulia

b. Baca doa in public events and in Sekolah Kebangsaan.

In both instances above, the non-Muslims have accepted the fact that Allah is used and in the case of 1 above, non-Muslims also sing the state anthem. I remember doing that in primary school in K.L when the city was still under Selangor.

The scenario now seems to be:

a. Whatever UMNO introduces, non-Muslims must accept without questioning, including mentioning of the word 'Allah'. There should be no cause for alarm among the non-Muslims and they should not raise any concerns.

b. But when the Catholics in Malaysia want to use the word in Bahasa Malaysia communication specifically for its Church goers only, UMNO wants to deter such action.

Since when did UMNO take on the role of interfering in the activities of a Church?

Does this not point out to just one fact - UMNO never tolerates any action by those in Malaysia, when it does not match UMNO's crude agenda.

If this is not the snobbish and arrogant 'ketuanan' that is being forced down the throat of non-Muslims, what else can we call this?



Yeah yeah 2nd class status
bla bla
boo hoo
I'm so sad.

Blame UMNO.

I am amazed at how everything in malaysia is politicised.


move on


You are amazed at politicisation why?

Compare our system with many other countries, even Japan.

Its latent centralisation means the state has a disproportionately large effect on the private lives of its citizens.

You might think the degree of politicisation is absurd, but so long as the federal state is an overwhelming presence in law enforcement, education, resource allocation etc. etc., the degree of politicisation WILL continue, and with good reason.

Complain all you want about politicisation, but centralisation of powers will make sure it continues, because it is a quite logical conclusion. Simple appeals to stop it won't work. Only decentralisation will.


I do not condone the desecration of the said church. However, the churches do not have to use 'Allah' when other more appropriate terms are available.

Its about religeous sensitivity, and this (burning) is expected when you stir Islams most precious beliefs, Allah.

I am beginning to realise why some people hate immigrants, in the comng generation, they too will raise their ridiculous demands.