Sinatra_Z - Out of the blue.

I actually watched Arsenal versus Everton,

The Whole Bloody GAME.

I actually knew who Donovan was.
Rosicky scores,
so did Pienaar,
I think that's how you spell his name, not sure.

Hey maybe I should start playing Fantasy Football,
get excited at some foreign club winning a match,
actually waking up at 3 a.m to watch a bloody game,
buy a jersey,
hell let's even put a bumper sticker on my car.
Gunners, Red Devils, Reds, Blues...

Football it seems,
makes much more sense this time around,
there's 22 men, 2 sides, fighting over one ball.

It's nothing personal,
you just want to score, that's all.

And it's pretty simple,
you are either on this team or on that team,
you wear the colour, you agree on competing and you fight for it.

Nothing to hide, no dark behind games or switching sides, pretty gentlemen.
Wear your colour, be proud of it and fight for it.

Then simply end it with - Good Game.

If only I had passion for football...