Sinatra_Z - Oh the Drama

Interesting year that is,
it's just January and the drama hits me like a wave.

Not a Tsunami yet,
it can be handled especially when it doesn't affect me directly.

The thing is,
if it's about the political drama I can handle, I don't mind arguing, putting forward my views, debate, be criticised or chastised by it. No sweat, I'll do it with swagger, gung ho and objectively.

But it's the drama,
of the personal kind that bugs me.
I'm good with ideas and views,
just really bad with feelings and emotions.

Need to work on that.

Then again,

Feelings are for fags.

I do apologise for not being politically correct in the last word,
but hey since we're in the season of arguing about words might as well.


haha...kesian giler doh...


Saya nak tanya beberapa soalan:

a) Tuhan kepada Nabi Muhammad ialah Allah - betul tak?
b) Tuhan kepada Nabi Isa ialah Allah - betul tak?

Nabi Isa di kenali sebagai Jesus Christ kepada orang kristian.

c) Jadilah, orang kristian juga berhak berdoa kepada Allah - betul tak?

and regarding d example you used in your article on malaysianinsider:
“Lord Murugan is a god for the Hindus.”

Manakah terjemahan yang lebih tepat?

“Dewa Murugan adalah Tuhan bagi orang Hindu” atau “Dewa Murugan adalah Allah bagi orang Hindu.”

DUDE, HINDUISM IS NOT AN ABRAHAMIC FAITH! dun try 2 justify your journalistic crap with such nonsensical n weak examples. Its obvious that u're a cybertrooper...


ya Hinduism is not Abrahamic faith


So if Abrahamic faith then Allah is a better translation correct.


Why don't use Allah in English as well then? Why simply use god?