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If there is anything that I have not much credibility to talk about it's Women. Trust me, I don't really have much experience when it comes to them never really was or is a Ladies Man..

Most of the things that I learn from women comes from men, self proclaimed Casanova's or women behaviour experts who are usually older than me, guess what, their explanation makes much more sense as oppose to asking women themselves. That and their stories are very-very interesting. So here I share with some of the things I pick up in conversations. Check it out, might be something interesting.

First Chapter

Why Women fall for Married Man.

It all started when there are several cases known to public of women with money, beauty and career fall for unavailable men. Made me wonder as this breaks the stereotype of women going for unavailable men who is usually older because of money and I notice that Malay women have more tendency for this probably due to the polygamy factor. But still makes you wonder why this beautiful women with stable finance don't go find someone single when it's obvious they can.

The discussion started when a friend of mine started telling me stuff and showing me his messages.he commented that ever since he got married, he is more attractive to the ladies, much-much than before. Dude started showing me a bunch of sms's from women, tons of em, few even wanted to settle down/elope/get married or whatever.

After some discussion about it a friend concluded (he is married as well) that women tend to view married men as safe, so they feel comfortable to talk about their problems, feelings and whatever they feel the need to divulge. And as time goes by and more and more things are shared and talked about, things more from being acquaintances to a friend, from a friend to a best friend and from a best friend to a friend with benefits and finally to the love of my life.

The good thing about married men is that they are not as horny as their single counterparts. They are also much more patient, understanding and a much better listener. They already have someone warm in bed so this talk and sms are more like a sort of hobby one could say unlike their impatient single comrades who just don't have the time for foreplay (in terms or relationship) and more towards hunting.

Then another friend who is a self proclaimed expert in human behaviour came up with something else.

He said your usual goody two shoes Malay Male is something like this.
He studied hard in school and get good results. Then he goes into a good college/university and study even harder because it's a good degree. There he met a girl, his first girlfriend, the same Uni, acquaintance or whatever. They dated each other and he gets excited brings he home to see his mother. Mother likes her because she is a nice good girl (like him) said that she could be a good wife. Our friend than graduated starts his first job, gather enough funds, get married and have 2 kids before they are 30.


Then after 30, our friend get's giddy and starts some messy affairs and your usual story.

So this friend said that our friend here before never really knew much about women, but once he is married and have extensive knowledge what what women want, how to treat them and know what they want to listen. These men know what women wants and he said that's the reason why they seem more attractive. Plus the fact that now our friend are much more excited in this adventurous affair as oppose to the nice girl that you bring home to see mom, this one is much-much more tempting.

It's the usual "abang adik angkat" that turns into "abang angkat adik".

The thing is Married men are stable, they know what women want and how to treat them well and Men are at their prime not when they are in their 20's but when they are in their late 30's and 40's. So of course given by that logic they are an excellent catch.

A female friend even said this as she observed this lady who is a mistress to this rich businessman.
"at first she does it for the money, then when she learn more and more about him, and as successful man they usually have great personality/virtue she starts to fall in love with him. Then slowly she turns into this women who will always long for the time and day that will never come where he will bring her to official functions and his kids will call her mother. Notice how things turn."

Baffling no?

I mean come on, even a beautiful actress with material possessions can fall for a married man with 5 kids. Ustaz or no Ustaz, Ana or Ente in the end he is just a man. Having a beard, pray five times a day and wearing a kopiah is no guarantee I tell you.

So Good Luck folks.

a pointer,

always........ always... quietly check his sms. You can never be sure.


If he has something to hide, trust me it's not about work.

Good Night Folks.


damn... seems like i'll never get married...

post yang terbaik. next, kupaskan pulak kes-kes pompuan yang fall for 'bad boys'.

case in point, ada member aku ni yang playboy. every month, dia akan bawak balik pompuan yang berlainan. hot-hot pulak tu. masalah dia, sementara dia bawak balik pompuan lain-lain, dia ada steady girlfriene. dah kantoi banyak kali scandal dia, tapi si girlfriend ni still setia gak ngan dia. sometimes aku duk pikir nak jadi scandal ngan awek dia, just to tengok how he feels.

thing is, skang dia dah kahwin. ngan awek dia yang loyal tuh. n sometime last month kitorang terjumpa koleksi gambar-gambar 'panas' dalam laptop dia. damn.

now we're in a catch 22 situation. nak tunjuk gambar kat bini dia (and end a marriage based of lies), atau biarkan dan doakan dia berubah and jaga bini dia sampai mati. ntahla. sebab aku pikir, alang-alang kalau nak cerai, baik sebelum ada anak, kan?

skang ni pun beza dia dah ada bini is, dia tak keluar ngan pompuan lain malam-malam. dalam fb still layan pompuan gak. dalam tagged pun. sms toksah kira. haiz...

eh. apa soalan aku tadi?


pasal pompuan yang fall for bad boys tu aku dah terfikir dah,

kita ni lelaki pun dua kali 5 gak, pantang dapat awek nakal, seksi cair gak bang.


yeah, tapi awek nakal selalunya seksi. lelaki 'badboy' kebanyakkannya muka pecah rumah. mat rempit pulak tu. damn.

awek nakal muka pecah tak pergi mana bai...