Sinatra_Z - Of Analogies and Examples

Working in the technical side occasionally you have to explain things to people.
And technical people generally would agree when I say sometimes this is somewhat of a problem.

This is where Analogy comes in.

Analogy is when you give an example or another situation in which your listener can easily relate to.

Which is why they usually say smart students don't really make good teachers, dumb students make good teachers because they know what it's like to not understand.

A few years back in campus when I was in the computer club, a Business student, girl, asked me a question on the internet and her computer. She inquired that if she buys a good computer will it have an effect when she surf's the internet?

My answer was Yes and No,
if you work with Engineers you will find these answers abundantly. Engineers usually answer something like this

Yes but.... Well it depends..... That is somewhat correct..... Depending on.... You could say it that way
followed by a very long explanation. At at this time the boss would usually wish for a "Yes Man".

Back to the topic, knowing that she has absolutely no IT background whatsoever I used this analogy.

"Now Imagine that your computer is a Car and the Internet is a highway."


"Now would there be a difference between driving a Ferarri and a Kancil on a highway heading from JB to KL?"

"Yeah of course, Ferarri would be much quicker."

"Exactly, now would there be any difference between a Ferarri and a Kancil in Federal Highway heading for Shah Alam at 8.30 on a monday morning?"


"Of course there is a difference between a Kancil and a Ferrari but no point if the road you use sucks, the same with computers and the internet. Plus what's the point of buying a Ferrari if you're going to drive at the speed of 70 kmph most of the time. So buy a standard computer and pray that the Internet line do not screw you up."

However the best analogy or example that I have ever encountered did not come in the form of explaining technical situations, although it did came from an Engineer, it was about trying to explain about the birds and the bees.

"Alaa perempuan la best diorang rasa lagi seronok bila ko buat, kita yang kena kerja dia duduk je lepas tu rasa best."

"Eh bukan lelaki ke rasa lagi best, sebab kita confirm orgasm punya."

"Hak elah aku dah kahwin ko belum aku la lagi tahu."

" ye ke?"

"Ok aku bagi ko contoh lah kasi ko senang nampak."


"Bila ko korek telinga mana lagi best, jari ke telinga?"


Malam ni malam Jumaat.

Selamat Malam...


haha..analogy yg last tu mmg best..nice article


oooh that was a good one :)
nice article, as always.
keep it up bro.


apparently, jari tak memainkan peranan penting pun. pakai cotton bud pun, telinga akan rasa best.

jari? korek pusat pun boleh. haha.

nice bro. aku pun suka bagi analogy kalau explain something kat orang. sesuatu yang engineer suka buat.