Sinatra_Z - A metaphor and a conclusion

I saw a movie, or at least a clip of a movie.
Can't remember what it's called but this Englishman was talking to this American fellow and he was trying to persuade this man to do something. I'm not sure what but it seems that the American feels that it's something too late for him, that it was lost.

So the Englishman said..
"I lost my keys a few years back and ever since my door has been unlocked."

I like that sentence,
It's a metaphor on life. On how at first he lost his keys, a tool in which he controls on what and when comes in and goes out, now his door is always unlocked, hence letting in many things into his life which was previously blocked.

In a way losing something like the "key" actually made his life richer.

It made me wonder about the term 'the key to my heart' or 'how she/he holds the key to my heart'. You see sometimes we fall for someone really hard, or really deep that when things are over it's really hard to recover and that we feel a part of us is gone. How that person takes with them a part of our heart or mind and most of the times they just don't realise it.

So one could say now that person now is gone and with him/her are the keys to your heart. Corny no? But it is quite true. Trust me I really dislike thinking/discussing in this light but like it or not we as human beings with feelings just can't help it. So might as well write about it. That person who we thought was everything turn out to be not what hope to be, it happens right.

So when the key to our heart is lost hence the door is shut, thus one usually say it's really hard to fall once more or to open it up again. For some people it's just about eating several buckets of ice cream and crying, some become a workaholic while few (and I have seen this) though don't really admit it just don't trust the opposite sex anymore. Since the key is gone thus the door can't be open, takes someone special or really special to open it back (or a keymaker according to matrix).

You could look it that way,
or like the Englishman earlier on you can simply say that

"Ever since the key to my heart is lost, it has been unlocked ever since."

Think about it, you spent years obsessing about this person, devoting time, energy, money and many more to the fact that your heart is only opened to that one person because only he/she holds the key, that special one. But now since the key is gone, and the door is unlocked, anyone can come and visit be it a friend, someone interesting, a person with a funny accent or just whoever drops by. Now isn't that a nice thought.

Of course,
It is easier said than done. I mean come on you just got you heart broken and trying to get up feeling all preppy and optimistic is quite hard to do. But this is something that isn't supposed to make you feel better immediately instead it is something that you can think about as your conclusion. The time when you are done with all the drama and emotional things that this would be the conclusion of your whole fiasco. Another way of looking at everything, as oppose to the other ending.

It's just a simple logical deduction I made before I went out today while walking in front of the TV. It has got absolutely nothing to do with any recent events, trust me! So don't come and post on my wall about me with broken heart or all that jack shit.

But the conclusion is pretty neat no?

We all have our moments like that. Let's move on with a positive start then.

I feel a slight of regret though,

If only I realised this years before, long ago.
Perhaps, things would have been very different today.

A friend once told me that I am very extrovert when it comes to thinking but not when it comes to, well, It rhymes with thinking.

let's just say, tonight I have just realised that I lost my keyes.

Good Night Folks.


lesson to learn,must duplicate all the important keys.hehe..


That is quite true actually.


i couldnt agree more:) but the problem is sometimes the key to the heart is also the key to the mind and soul. losing it means losing your mind too. note to self : get automatic sliding doors.