Sinatra_Z - Fate

My siblings both are in the banking industry,
my dad was a pilot and my mother, a kindergarten teacher.

Now how in the world did I get here?

We're supposed to believe in fate, that some things has already been written, way beyond of our control. Like death or natural disaster.

Some say that everyone has a destination,
written long before they were born, in which they call fate. Like of princes rise up to become king, born into their destiny, written and ready. That we are all to a certain extent are like clouds, drifting at the mercy and direction of the wind. Thus rather than fight the wind we should make the best out of it.

The thing is,
some people tend to blame everything on fate, what's the point of doing anything if if is already written. Once can simply say that I am poor today because it is written that I shall and will be poor long before I was born.

I mean who want's to be born in Somalia no?

I don't really know to tell you the truth,
rather than giving you an answer id rather give you a perspective. I would like to think that in a way, like the clouds our path is determined by the flow of the wind. But unlike the clouds we do have somewhat control over which wind or direction which we are heading. I'd like to think that life is more like a sailing ship, though at the mercy of the wind the captain has the ability, power and choice to choose which way he/she want's to sail.

And like any sailor,
only those who are brave and daring enough venture deep into the ocean in search of a great adventures and bountiful land.

Yet many of those who are brave and daring did not come back.

For amongst the brave and daring,
only those who are wise, knowledgeable yet humble enough to respect and understand the nature of the sea (plus a little bit of luck) can arrive at their far away destiny and return to tell their story.

I think life is something like that.

So feel free to sail where ever you wish to go,
Be brave and daring, learn from other people's experience, seek knowledge, chart your map and always-always remember to be humble.

God Willing - Insyallah

I'll see you if you get there... You'll see me if I get there.


Those who brave and dare enough, might have found a much better world, that made him never want to go back to his horrible origin, and live happily ever after, eh?


could be.

But when I wrote they didn't come back I mean more like they're dead and capsized.

Either that or they have found a better place.

Yeah, that sounds nicer.


nice words u got there.
thanks btw.
inspired me.