Sinatra_Z - At the very core of "Geopolitics"

I saw the news today on TV3,
they showed a footage in which one of their reporters went into Gaza and interviewed a little girl. Mind you this was not some Hamas official, fighter or some Fatah Politician. This is just a little girl whose age is about 9 or 10 years old the most.

I am pretty sure you wont see this interview or footage in CNN, BBC, FOX or even Sky News. These networks prefer to have 3 old wrinkled white guys in a video conference discussing about what's best for middle east when it seems that none of them has ever touched the desert. 

Ahh yes.... They would use words like terrorism, extremism, Al Qaeda, moderate muslims, Iran, Shiite's, Sunni, collaterals and other jargons. 

You see people don't just read the Quran one day and decided to ram an airplane to a bunch of strangers they hardly or never knew. People don't just one day pray and became extreme thus decide to blow themselves up. It's funny how we participate in this war on terror when obviously the sponsor of this so called campaign don't even have the slightest idea on what the hell is going on. Or perhaps just denial. In fact they are the biggest propagator of terror in the first place.

Now back to the little girl,
The reporter asked her what happened to which the girl replied...

"That night, that.... they bombed my house, I heard explosions and.... and my parents were dead, they killed my 4 siblings..... my family became a matyr..."

then she stumped and couldn't stop crying for a minute or two....

Then in a faint voice she said..
"When I grew up I am going to bomb them just as how they Bomb my family... I will revenge my family." 

This is no Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad or Iran sponsored Syria trained bull shit. 
She's 9 or 10, she doesn't know jack shit about ideology or political leanings. There's your "Terrorist", she was no longer terrified anymore as she lost everything. All that's left is vengeance and anger. 

If maybe and I wish it wont happen,
comes the news that same girl someday in the future blow herself up to some random strangers. You don't find me lighting up candles, put up a vigil, throw some roses on the street or sing a sappy song or be silent for 30 seconds and all that thing. 

I didn't see any tombstone, memorial park, 30 seconds silence, vigil, remembrance ceremony on which people gives sombre speeches and poems, markings, action figures, cards or anything.

Hell no one even knows their names. 

Ah I'm sorry,
My mistake..... They are just collaterals......... 

There's a saying you know.....
Yesterday the Israeli army entered Rafah because they heard there was a terrorist there. They went in deal with it and leave Rafah with one mission accomplished. Today there are 10 terrorists in Rafah.