Sinatra_Z - Let's Read The Quran

Lately the blogs are starting a new campaign.....

And unlike the usual fight against the evil corporation (CoughSimewheezesneezDarby), or that usual psuedo closet supposedly NGO and Malaysians but heavily biased Opposition campaign with the tag name "Something Rakyat" (Gerakan Rakyat, Barisan Rakyat, Konsert rakyat, Jerit Rakyat, Restoren Nasi Kandar Rakyat, Express Rakyat.. Ehh tu bukan nama lagu ke?)

This time it's a campaign that would make my Uztaz and Ustazah and my parents very happy with me. 

Teringat aku kat Ustazah aku masa aku tingkatan tiga, dia cikgu kelas, dia pun bagi aku keputusan PMR aku dan dia bukup hampa bila dia nampak keputusan aku, 7A - 1B - B - Agama Islam. Nanti aku bagi alamat blog ni kat Ustazah.. Sejuk hati dia. 

So I call upon everyone and I don't just mean Muslims to read the Quran and write about your favourite verse in the blog. 

Since it is a friday night (Malam Jumaat) and I am not married hence I am not doing the other 'Sunat' thing to do.... wink-wink 

eg.. "Sayang, Malam ni malam jumaat, dapat pahala tau!" 

This is a good night to kick off this campaign....

I was born as a Muslim and I did not found god or Islam on my own. It was basically handed down to me just as the generation before me so I didn't really appreciate my religion that much. Reading the Quran when I was a kid was a series of memory involving very strict Ustaz Ali (which Ironically late Ustaz Ali is the father of YB Azmin Ali, Azwan Ali and Umi Hafilda) in his red old mercedes listening to SM Salim to skipping the Mengaji classes behind my house to play in the "longkang" (drain). 

It was in the University (UTM) when the Quran came back into my life again. I was interested in learning about history and religion since school and the interest were more apparent when I was in Uni. One of the thing that I like to read about is the definition of God or Creator in each of the respective religion. Ironically when asked about the definition of god in Islam I could only given a meek, lousy and simple explanation about monotheism... It was after that I did some research and found the meaning of the Surah that I read again and again in prayers and never memorized the meaning of it........ What a loss indeed. 

In the Quran there is a Surah about Allah, the creator, god..... 

When someone ask you what is Allah?

Just reply - 

al-Ikhlâs  - The Purity


  In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

  Say: He is Allah, the One and Only! 
   Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; 
  He begetteth not nor is He begotten. 
  And there is none like unto Him.

                                 -  translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

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