Sinatra_Z -The sound called music

Whenever you hit something it produces vibrations which will then ripple the air around you that will then be detected by your ears. That is why whenever someone hit or bang into something nearby your ear will notice it. This is because your ear is specifically designed to detect vibrations in the air. Which is why it's pretty hard to have a conversation when you are scuba diving, it's because your ears were not designed to detect vibrations in water. 

Unless of course if you are a fish.

Sounds are the vibrations transmitted through solid, liquid or air (wikipedia) or vibrations that your ear can detect. Not all vibrations can be detected by our ears though, our ears are only capable in detecting vibrations coming from certain frequencies.  

What is a frequency then? 

When you pluck a guitar string you notice that the string goes up and down and up again and then down again. It produces a certain pattern which is up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down and goes on for a certain period of time. This repetitive pattern over a period of time is what we call a frequency. In the case of vibrations and sounds of course. When one say "the frequency is 50 Hertz" it means that the event pattern occur at the rate of 50 times per second. Or a better translation would be 50 hertz means that the guitar string goes up and down fifty times in one second. 

Pretty fast no.... 

Whenever we have a conversation we train our ear to detect certain sounds that would come out of a person's mouth. When someone say Pardon, it means that his/her ear cannot clearly detect the sounds coming from the other person's mouth.

Or that the person is saying something really rude.  

The reason for this is because there are other vibrations in the air that is being detected by our ear. A good example would be trying to have a conversation with a nice girl in a hip night club in town, one can hardly struck a meaningful conversation due to the blaring sounds of the techno music distorting what you said.  

In which is why large amount of alcohol is needed to compensate the whole situation.

This unwanted sounds are what we call noise. Whether it's the sound of a baby crying, someone snoring, the revving of a race car or the long lecture about responsibility that your father gave when he caught you creeping home late that one night. Let's just say Noise is sounds that you don't want to hear. Noise can come from several different sources, it can either come from someone very annoying or a sound that does not belong in it's place. A noise is not necessarily an unwanted sound, most of the time it's just a sound that is not supposed to appear at that certain moment. For instance the sound of a whistle may be pleasant when lying on a cozy hammock or when Zorro is calling his horse, but a whistle is considered a noise (a very annoying one) when used to woo random girls passing by in front of you.

So when these noise or sounds are rearranged, 
located at their exact place where they belong and appear at the exact time they are supposed too, that very same noise can be the most pleasant thing you have ever heard.  

When sounds are placed correctly, each in their own respective frequencies, they will work in harmony.

This harmonious balance of vibrations in the air is what we call Music. 

A gush of wind will just be just a gush of wind if it's all alone.  

A cricket chirping may be annoying to someone who is trying to sleep. 

But when a cricket is chirping is followed by a breezy gush of wind which will then ripple the grasses, in the middle of the night followed by the faint sound of someone snoring, it can be something absolutely wonderful....  

Wonderful things happen when things work in harmony. 

And Music is the prime example of that testament.  

That is why music can be used as the tool to bridge the gap between different people in different places. People may not understand a language that is not familiar to them, but everyone can understand and appreciate the beauty of sounds in harmony.  

We can learn a lot about life if we can truly understand and appreciate The Sound Called Music. 


lepas 3 bulan aku bace blog ni, bru ptama kali aku bace something yg aku suke. nape laa org kite xnak perpaduan? Islam sbg asas, n muzik d jadikan medium. x semestinye nasyid je... byk lg muzik len. tp lirik kne mantapla.. hehe