Sinatra_Z - Of Houses

There are double storeys,
apartments, flats, bungalows and condominiums.

Though these days with the quality of an apartment, the difference between it and a condo gets blurrier than ever.

Some prefer it to be near the workplace,
as yours truly can walk to work.
While others,sacrificing their time live far away,
where the price is cheaper in getting that dream house they had always wanted.

A nice neighbourhood or the ones with the garden.

I'm thinking of owning one,
a bachelor's pad one can say, pretty cool.
I'd decorate it with crap and what not, spartan as hell.

But in the midst of it all,
with properties in KL booming thanks to my second home programme.
Perhaps that idea of owning a house nearby is quite hard.

upon thinking about it in the middle of the night,
can't help but think of a legendary perverted white haired ninja who once said.....

"a place where someone thinks of you...that's home"

Now that sir,
that is good stuff.

And you know what is even better?

When someone ties a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree...