Sinatra_Z - Of Spineless Indians

This was years back when in UTM, a story told by my senior in the debating club.
His name was Rajen and he told us of the first day he entered the club.

So there I was first time entering the class, I was a bit early so they tell me to sit down first and some of them went off. So there I was waiting quietly and listening to these two Chinese dudes who later would be my mentor.

Note ( I forgot the names of his Chinese seniors who would be his mentors)

They were talking about a recent debate in which the conversation goes something like

Chinese Dude 1 - So yeah it was a problem when the adjudicator board was deciding to do it that way.

Chinese Dude 2 - Didn't you object?

CD1 - Well of course I did, I told him that this was a huge advantage of the MMU team.

CD2 - What did he said?

CD1 - Well Kumar (not the actual name) said the board has decided.

CD2 - Bloody hell, bias to the MMU team no?

CD1 - Well you know those Indian Bastards, always ganging up.

CD2 - Dude watch you word (pointing out to Rajen)

CD1 - Oh sorry man, slip of my tongue. Apologies yeah.

Rajen - Ah no it's okay, I'm cool with it.

CD1 - What do you mean you're cool with it?

Rajen - I mean I know you didn't really mean it so yeah, I'm cool with it.

CD2 - Dude he just stereotyped your race as bastards, no way you can be cool with it.

CD1 - Yeah man, what sort of an Indian are you? You know what, even though the MMU boys may be arseholes I have no right to say such a thing as Indian Bastards.

CD2 - Yeah dude! Don't be an apologetic Indian.

CD1 - In fact, you know what, compare to those arseholes in MMU, you're an actual Indian bastard, in fact you are even worse cause you're a Spineless Indian Bastard.

Rajen - Uh.....

And that boys and girls, is a lesson of life! An Awesome one too.

Moral of the story,
No way I'm going to be a Spineless Apologetic Malay.