Sinatra_Z - Pakatan Rakyat to Pakatan Riot

MARCH 17 — I find it rather interesting on the insistence of Pakatan Rakyat politicians saying that unlike in Barisan Nasional, in Pakatan Rakyat all parties are equal.

They then go on about how it is a true coalition of the Rakyat’s hopes and dreams.

Today we see DAP and PAS politicians hugging each other, calling each other brothers/comrades and campaigning side by side.

Heart-warming it may seem, but rather absurd when you think that just 2 years ago there was no such thing as Pakatan Rakyat.

The thing is, before the elections many people have forgotten that DAP vehemently denied that they were in any form of alliance with PAS.

Just before the elections, though the opposition parties agreed on fielding one candidate for each seat, DAP were fighting with PKR over seat allocations in which percentage of non Malay voters were high.

But that was before; back when “Middle Malaysia” was yet to be concocted and DAP wasn’t focusing on the Malay votes.


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