Sinatra_Z - A Windy Night

*It's Ramadhan, I'm always a bit Melancholic during Ramadhan.....

The thing I like about Ramadhan is,
it's always hot, shiny and bright during the day.
Though it makes fasting tougher, but it also makes the night lovely.

Because if it's shiny, hot and bright during the day,
than the stars will come out and play,
the wind would prance around at night,
the temperature is cool and the sky is a wonderful sight.

I love the fact that after Tarawikh,
I would just sit at the field watching the sky,
and I know it's a good night if I see clouds sailing by,
moving gradually like a caravan in the dessert.

Most of us don't notice this, we're too busy thinking, talking or just doing things.
If you have a chance,
stop for a while,
go to a field,
let your feet feel the grass,
watch the cloud sail by and the moon shine,
and the stars (if you're lucky) sparkle between the windy sky.

I'd like to think,
that it's a gift, a present, reward,
for fasting the whole day in the name of god,
and I know yes that there are probably much greater reasons than that,
but just tonight,
I'd like to be a little selfish,
and feel special.......

So on the way home,
do check out the sky,
who knows,
there might be a pleasant surprise.

May your fasting,
bring more than just food, hunger, thirst and sleepy afternoons.


Duduk kat padang & tgk langit? ..emm, bule cuba tu