Sinatra_Z - My Glorious Convocation

When I first entered Uni,
I told myself that I can't Imagine or see the end of the road.
while programme was that long, it was like going to school all over again, and yes it did felt that long.

Then years gone by,
Miraculously there I was in my suit, tie, robe and that square hat.
My Big Day,
the day I have completed my Intellectual journey, a young Scholar.

We went into the convocation hall,
I sang, I prayed and we listened to the vice chancellor talk.
Then I wait, Then I went on the stage and then he gave me an empty folder.

And that was it.

My dad was pissed cause my shoes were torn, we took one or two lame photos and I was sweating under 3 layers of suit in the heat of tropical noon. People were giving flowers and stuffed animals, my Debate club Juniors did gave me flowers. That was a nice gesture. But as for the rest of it let's just say I stayed there for like 20 minutes.

All these years and this was it. My god man, I never did saw this coming.

Went back to my friends room, return all the robes, and sent my parents off to KL, I had some stuff to take care off so I'll be going later.

Apparently I got all the CON and missed on the VOCATION (whatever that is).

Days go by,
I packed my stuff, settle outstanding business, jump around with pals, took pictures and head back to KL.

The on the way out, at the gates I saw the entrance of my campus written "Kerana Tuhan Untuk Manusia" = For the sake of Human Being In the name of God.

And there I stood,
just looking at the damn thing. How Confused I was when I first got here, how I was lost, shouted on, failed, passed, scored, stabbed, friendship, winning, teamwork, tug of war, pantun, anime, triple integral, electrons, hole, jokes, wind chimes, night winds, karaoke, Tabligh, S jibeng and tons of other things.

I got lost and instead of finding my way back I found another road.

The classes may taught me Engineering, but the campus taught me life.

I gave a bow and I said thank you and I walked away.
Then I came to the realization,

That this is my Convocation.

A shirt, a bow and a thank you.

And I wouldn't want to it to have any other way.

Too bad campus didn't teach me about love.

Was too busy being a greasy nerd I guess. :p


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