Sinatra_Z - Indeed Time Is Relative

The time when I am out is when all the Drama happens. Beer Battle, Ronnie's Malaysiakini interview, t4tbh, YB Rodziah and etc... Selangor is hot tonight and I am stuck with a lousy internet connection.

But.... as much as I am tempted to, it won't be about politics tonight.
Perhaps I am mellowing down or it's just the Internet connection, well more towards the Internet.

The thing is,
the pace is somewhat different here.
One could say slower but I prefer to use the word calm.
It has that small town feel to it, in fact it's so calm that I didn't know that Najib is in town.
The sun sets an hour earlier and rise up an hour earlier as well.
And since last week, I haven't hears a single honk from any vehicle. Seriously!
We were at a traffic light the other day and the cars in front of us was not moving even when the light is green. One was talking on the phone while the other was Daydreaming. Yet nobody honked, they didn't move until the light was yellow.

The average speed here is around 60 to 70 kmph.
The town is quiet by 10pm. Maybe earlier I'm not sure.
It's like in the 80's here where lovers flock to the beach in Jerudong and write love proclamations on rocks using white liquid paper.
There is hardly any motorbike and the worst traffic jam happens when kids are going home from school, which isn't really a jam if you ask me.

I turned on the Radio and the top news of the day is that some Pengiran who is the Chairman of the Brunei Board of Olympics said that their athlete should work harder. That's the main news, headline. Yesterday's headline was that the Sultan was harvesting some local paddy breed.

Do I like it?
I'm not sure, yes it sure is nice when drivers behave and everyone just Chill and stuff. But it is somewhat boring. It's like being in the Campus all over again. I might get used to it, but I wouldn't want to. Give me the lack of sleep and the honk and the drama, I want to be in the fast lane where things are moving.

God works in mysterious ways I guess. Just about a month ago I was complaining and planning on escaping out of KL for a while. Someplace quiet to ponder or whatever. Well what do you know, here I am although I was hoping for white sandy beaches to go along with it.

The thing is,
even though we share the same time zone (GMT +8) it sure is a different pace here, from the sunrise to the supermarkets.

You see,
even with all the complaints I made about being busy and tired... I came to the Conclusion.

I'd rather, very much rather be busy than having nothing to do at all.


Always be careful for what you wish for.


Here, the fuel meter is quicker than the money meter. I almost cried when I first witness that.


Sometimes, I wonder why I am still alive.


We all do that sometimes.

Life is like that,
but life goes on. Just like tons of worse off poor people in India and Africa.

Shit happens,
go smoke something and move on.


Here, the fuel meter is quicker than the money meter. I almost cried when I first witness that.

Oiyooo this one priceless. money meter slower than the fuel one.