Sinatra_Z - The Season Of Love (Attempt of Poetry)

Tis comes the season of love...

Friends got married,
friends getting married,
and friends falling in love, with flying white dove, in their dreams, in their dreams.

Well I on the other hand,
has been busy as hell,writing and running,
jumping and head banging,meeting after meeting.
But don't be mistaken,as I am not complaining. Better be busy than nothing to do I say.

I am enjoying the lack of sleep and the appointments. And the smell of morning coffee charged with caffeine.

Oh I think I owe some apology,
to some friends whom I am somewhat responsible,
in spoiling their quiet romance,
the silent crush and the hushed yearning,
to stir and stoke for some drama,
probably reason for doing this thing,
Probably the lack of drama of my own......
Fear not, dont worry,
go on and don't mind me, Or anyone else.
whether it will end broken or happy,
doesn't matter for that is how it is meant to be.
Fear not what people might think of you, or gossips flying around.
For the plain truth is, life is too short for this.

I feel great,
like someone on a mild crack,
I mean I'm not ecstatic,
but hey not bad not bad.

Some friends are getting married,
some have safely tied the knot,
while some are still searching for their path.
Some are a little sad and feels lonely,
while some still healing from their last heartbreak,
and some, well some are just simply lost.

But no matter what it may be,
it's fine by me,
for what matter now is,
I am looking at my bed,
for it's raining outside,
and with that being said....

Good Night.


good stab at poetry

anyway nak ajak skit

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dari 5,000 yang diharapkan... 150 aje yang datang bersorak