Sinatra_Z - Random Thoughts Of Nostalgic Events

There used to be a mini bus number 20,
pink in colour and I would ride it to my cousins house at Taman Keramat AU2 from Permata 4 field. That's where they start from.

We used to pay 60 cents to the conductor, back then it was the most efficient public transportation before Intrakota came and screw everything up.

I still can recall the pictures and memory of me taking a ride in a 191 or 170 Len Seng Bus. I remember coming back from Pusat Tiusyen Kasturi passing by Hotel Italy, a cheap dodgy Hotel at Jalan Raja Laut with middle aged prostitutes hanging at the entrance.

191 would pass through Pertama Complex and head towards Komples wilayah and opposite of Kompleks Wilayah there's a sundry shop call S Alapitchay. It's still there only with the name Alapitchay Store.

Then there was Bas Sri Jaya,
it's blue based in Melawati and Bas Sri Jaya 270 can take you to my cousins house, the national library and I'm not sure where else. 30 cents can get you to the national library.

Rumor is that Yusuf Haslam used to be a conductor for Bas Sri Jaya before he got his big break.

I miss those buses....


bas sri jaya juga selalu menjadi bahan lawak aku ketika time sekolah dulu. sebab aku selalu tukar sekolah, lawak merupakan jalan termudah untuk mencari kenalan.

nama ko apa?
basri apa?
basri jaya. haha.
huh? kenapa ko gelak?

rupanya bas sri jaya cuma terkenal kat kl. buat lawak tu kat kuantan, takde hasil. haha.