Sinatra_Z - Catatan Seekor Lipas - 1 year on.

In UTM I had a roomate...
His name was Mohd Siraj,

When Siraj is annoyed by someone, usually a friend of ours he would say this...

"Mulai sekarang ko ialah Lipas!"

What Siraj does is that if someone is annoying him while he is playing DOTA or watching a heart throb teary eyed Japanese Drama (In which he will never admit that he is crying) he would block out that person from his reality. In other words whenever Siraj says that to you it means that as for now you are nothing but just a cockroach that is insignificant, annoying and has absolutely no face value to him at this point of time. By that he can continue to do whatever he was doing.

Which comes to this.
When people heard of my blog many would get the Idea of a lonely cockroach who is searching for his life companion. A sort of a place where a single lonely guy rambles about things. In which then several awkward statements would come out to me like

"Isn't there any girl that you know.." or "I am pretty sure there is someone out there for you."

Yes... Thank you for that painful but thoughtful statements. YES I GET IT! LONG TIME AGO!!!

You see at first I wanted it to be as, but it was taken. So as an alternative i pick on Lipassepi.

Lipas = Cockroach - Insignificant annoying pest.

Sepi = Lonely or Silent/silence.

Lipas Sepi - A silent cockroach.

After march elections, I came to the conclusion that it was these cockroaches, the insignificant nobody that decided to teach the government a lesson. And I was one of the cockroach who before had no voice and the only way to vent out the frustration was by voting.

So Lipas Sepi was meant as a place where the once Silent Cockroach can have his voice.

Catatan Seekor Lipas (Notes from a cockroach) on the other hand is basically about insignificant writings or stories written by insignificant person. You know mundane stories. Lets just say that this place is a mixture between this two.

Basically what you are reading here are merely...

Insignificant things written by an Insignificant person.

But then again,
sometimes these insignificant things are they very things that can be the very definition of life. There are many treasures hidden in between the mundane, boring and insignificant events of our lives. It's just that we missed it. We were to busy worrying about things we can't control.

So now this Insignificant blog is one year's old.

I know that there aren't many of you out there.
But nonetheless I thank you for spending some time in reading the insignificant things written in here.

And for his blog's birthday,
En Lipas would like to make some wishes......

may there be more stories to be written,
more things to learn,
more friends to meet,
more events to witness,
more time to ponder,
and may he be wiser,
and may his stories make you smile,
make you think and make you wonder,
and that maybe just remotely maybe,
that these insignificant writings,
would somehow make your day,
just a little better,
and it would make it all worth it.

Thank You for reading.



ello..bro.i like reading your blog a lot..keep up the great work..u are not the only one lipas sepi in the world..haha..dlm smggu tu mesti 2-3 kali aku akn bukak blog ko ni..jd, walaupun bg certain orng x suka apa yg ko tulis tp bg aku.apa yg ko tulis menarik dan x terover-over..thank


Your stories always make my day:) *raising my glass of milo ais* here's to many more wonderful years to come filled with love and great stories. cheers ;)


Yes Bro,
Keep on writing.
I will continue reading.
Thank you for sharing.
Happy Birthday to your blog.


holy crap! this is a piece of shit!!

how come bunch of idiots said that this is good and interesting blog?

get a life dude!!



Yet you are here...

And that is quite an achievement.

Cheers to that!


insignificant things can be significant to some people, coz it depends on how they value it...

cth: tin kosong pd sesetengah org = sampah, pada sesetengah org yg lain = rezeki.

so, pd yg tak suke, bejuta2 blog ade dlm internet, pilih je la ikut suke, ikut slera...

En Lipas...Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work! Anonymous tu ckp mcm baguih je...
mesti dia dah bace sume cerite ko ni Zaidel...hahaha

lakhanat betol...

tp kite amik kritikan tu sbg kritikan membina...betol x en zaidel yg macho wacho...

wei...bile nk berkaraok lg???

gua dah lame x poco-poco ngan lu...hahaha

btw, i wish u will find ur soulmate this dah tua bro...hahahha