Sinatra_Z - Battle Political Rap!!

So yeah I saw this posting in Jiboneus -

He was talking about freestyle rap or hip-hop battle. In case you're wondering what the hell is that well here is a snippet -

Freestyle rap are rap performances with improvised rap lyrics with few or no previously composed lyrics. Of the top of one’s head, rap composition done on the spot.

Freestyle rap battles on the other hand, is a contest in which two or more rappers compete or battles each other using improvised lyrics. Their goal is to ‘diss’ their opponent through cleverly crafted lyrics. In other words, whoever is more creative in insulting their opponent wins. It’s like jousting with poetry

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So I have done poetry and creative writing but never Rapping. So tonight I think I might try it but unlike the usual insult and your momma, I am going to do it with a somewhat local flair. Battle Rap on Politics, oh yeah. So it'll be like the BN rappers versus the PR MC's. SO I will try my best in insulting PR in the most lyrical manner, nothing personal just rapping for fun yeah. Free free to answer me back.

So here goes....

Kami Rappers yo! Yak ak au~~

Yo yo wassup this is Zaidel B,
your tip top hip hop number one MC,
standing up here for the world to see,
calling all the bull shit yeah thats me,
so don't be surprised that im gonna phat,
rhyming, jumping, rapping all that,
so sit back chill out and open your ear,
cause politics without spin is what you gonna hear..

Yo whats up with all the September sixteen,
the prime minister what was the man shoulda been,
all confident and gung ho with 30 names he hit,
turn out all the thing was huge bull shit,
and all the zombies was all excited,
history in the making was all debated,
and when it comes and no shit nothing happen,
my man those zombies had premature ejaculation.

And yo whats up with hanging out under the tree,
chilling out under there and it's democracy,
i've been doin that shit all this while,
with a bowl of cendol, rojak much more in style,
and i aint think it's right in naming democracy,
you should name the damn thing the Faggot Tree,
which fits so well with you dear old leader,
who prefers to get down kinky with a fellow brother.

A few months back you were all excited,
calling daulat tuanku wearing yellow paraded,
PAS boys were fanboys of harunsani,
like knights against anyone who critic the dear mufti,
and when things don't go on your way,
suddenly all the shit you do abruptly sway,
You think lying down on the road throwing stones and brick,
supposed to get back to think doin the trick,
the shouting all shit letting rakyat decide,
i didnt hear you hollar the shit when Bota jumped to you side..

man it was funny when you go all with the drama,
shouting my god they're dragging sivakumar,
the video show that the dude was throwing a tantrum,
like a five year wannabe old man in an asylum,
I saw the whole shit man they were way too nice,
i would have slapped the bugger still it wont suffice,
and what with the hunger strike shit it was funny,
3 days only...??
Hunger strike all right.. Wussy!
and half way through when people start talking,
oh wait nizar ain't hunger striking,
he just fasting,
man what's the point of hunger strike if you ain't dying,
i know ya'll wearing black supposed to look all mean,
but man if you ask me that's just Drama Queen.

calling yourselves voices of the rakyat,
and spinning all the principles like kalari payat,
you got all angry at the mainstream media and newspaper,
but you doing the same shit in fact your better,
no wait this is different from september sixteen,
we dont steal we just ask nicely and come all clean..
So you know what we all kinda tired,
with all the crap that has transpired,
listening to pidato and have an erection,
so I think I had enough of ceramah and by election...

So this is me a battle rapper,
i said rapper not raper,
so yeah I invite my brother and sister,
if you dare come on and hit me back harder,
I just flamed your politics own the drain,
with my wicked rap and my rhymes insane,
so this is Zaidel B now leaving the lot,
come man lemme see what you got!

Ohoo boleh tahan aku BErapping, mengalahkan 4U2C tuh!


oiyoooooo, bang kita ber rape play.
rapper rape.


susah tu orang nak balas. panjang sangat beb. tapi aku berminat gak nak tau siapa yang mampu balas. hehe.


hhaha,bahasa inggeris macam cibai, grammar lintang pukang!


Damn nama rapping,
memang la lintang pukang.

Eminem tu mana ada dia ikut grammatical order ke apa ke.


Mantap en zaidel...
sy sokong awak...bile nk blanje sy kopi


Anonymous, ok lah tu...
Oang puteh pun buat lagu kdg2 lintang pukang....
macam lagu 'unbreak my heart..'
Setakat yang haku tahu dudulu takder perkataan unbreak..kalau unbreakable ada kot...