Sinatra_Z - If I were a girl

I had this conversation with Soh Kee Yong the other day on pretty girls.
He was saying that how there was a situation in his friend's company where this hot chick get other people to do her work and these idiotic gullible men would volunteer in throngs. To which Soh somewhat concluded

"Ahh inilah dia kehidupan, the pretty ones got their way, damn unfair wei for the not so hot ones."

"We are the not so hot ones Soh!"

"I mean girl laa!"

I will be honest,
I am too somewhat guilty for those situation above. We would always be a wee bit excited when the pretty girl in the office asked us to help with something. I don't see the same enthusiasm when it comes to the well not so hot and spicy girl in the office. I would always be somewhat happy if I hear a very sweet voice on the phone asking me about something. I guess men are just like that, we like to hear that sweet "manja" tone and get all excited about it even when we know nothing will ever happen. No this is not some 3 star cheap porno movie where something spicy is about to happen and every hot chick in the office thinks that your micky mouse tie is absolutely dashing that they have the urge to have your offspring!

"Sinatraaa..... I would like to ask regarding the ahhhh project, can you brief to me later on?"



But then.......
It got me thinking.
You see, many of you here never see me before, I am a rather big guy. And by big I don't mean someone with a big heart but more of a big body. Ok I am fat, kinda like a bear, a furry big bear, I like to eat, roll around, yawn, warm and very-very huggable especially in a cold night. Okay, Enough of that.

But I don't let it be an obstacle for me,
yes sometimes it does have an effect on things but I like to think that being what I am actually helped me in some ways. Before I go to an interview or go public speaking, I notice that people would take attention or notice when I walk in. OOohh a big guy, wonder what he has to say. Which is good, I like to think that many people who at first find me rather intimidating would have a somewhat positive reaction when they hear me speak, I often got remarks like "Oooh I never knew you were like this.." it creates an element of surprise one could say, the pleasant kind. I guess it helped me build my personality and helped me in convincing people, making them understand and see what I am trying to say. Plus people can remember me easily.

Yes I am blessed that people are willing to give me a chance to prove myself and are willing to not judge the book by it's cover.


What if I were a girl.....

I bet you,
it would be a very different story.
It's one thing to be a big guy, it has it's problems and moments, but being a big girl I think it would be much-much harder. I think that if I were a girl, I would have a much tougher time. I saw how big girls get teased in school and became the brunt of jokes and catcalls when a guy at the same time gets away with it. This world if filled with "hamsap" men who would anytime change their judgement based on physical attributes, I have seen it.

I have seen on how two girls, one how while the other not doing the exactly same thing yet got different feedback. One positive and one negative, and I don't think I need to explain which one is which, and here is the deal, it's not their fault. There's nothing wrong in being beautiful, why must one be intimidated with the fact just because she is pretty that people are judging her in certain ways.

I am somewhat chauvinist sometimes but even I have to admit, it's not easy being a women/girl
especially here.

You have to overcome perceptions, bias, inequality and PMS at the same time.

That is hard work.
But then again, that's life.

So I wish you good luck!

The best way to sum it all I what Soh concluded at the end of our discussion....

If not pretty - harrassed, If pretty - sexually harrassed. Susah jadi perempuan ni. Dahlah tak boleh kencing berdiri.

The experience of peeing outdoors in the wild is absolutely divine.