Sinatra_Z - Divine Tea

You know,
I really like,
Sitting in a windy night,
or a comfortable afternoon,
while sipping some divine tea.
Coupled with a very good company.

Some snacks would be swell,
and a cat would be nice as well.

We can talk about life,
or some nostalgic romance,
no need to pretend to be nice,
you can rant and flame till your heart is all pleased.

No story today,
sorry.... don't feel like writing anything.

So have a good Monday.
The surprising thing,
I don't actually dread the day.
I happen to like the morning greeting.

So drop me a line,
if you feel a bit low,
maybe if the sun decides to shine,
and if we are a little lucky,

we can sit down and have some divine tea......

And maybe it's on me.