Sinatra_Z - Something Other than Politics

My status updates in facebook has been filled with pot shots against Pakatan Rakyat lately.

And during breakfast I drank coffee and read the newspaper. 

I never read the newspaper during my morning coffee.

I only read the newspaper when I am in the toilet.

That way I can immediatly process the crap I am reading and get it out of my system at the same time. 

So for once let's steer away from the problems of politics, power struggle, half naked pictures and cows. Something slightly more humane and random one could say. 
Which is why it was somewhat bizzare to play chess at Palate-palate when at the same time loud techno music is blasting right above my head. I am amazed at the power of my concentration at that moment, I take chess seriously sometimes and I was really proud that I won. Unlike Futsal, football or badminton I actually have a pretty good chance in winning in this game. As you might know by now I am not really moulded to be good in sports.

Ironic though,
I am bad at sports when I posess a body of a sportsman. Sumo that is. 

So there,
an ode to the mundane things in life, 
like buying green tea wash or a new bottle of mouth wash, the art of slipping into groups of people to take a piece of chicken at some Nasi Campur stall or the feeling I get when I just woke up after an afternoon nap that had gone above 4 pm. I feel like there is sea water in my brains. 

Maybe it's the drowzy flu pill I that I took about an hour ago. 
Maybe it's just me being mellow. 
Chances are it's the pill....

Under the stars and the mood beside the roadside smelling the wonderful aroma of carbon monoxide I learned something interesting today....

Sinatra : "So what is your MSN status lah?"

Jayson Chua : "Girl, help me get out of Lonesville!"

Gan Yeow Hock : "Damn Jiwang wei... From some oldies izzit?"

Jayson Chua : "Nope I made it up myself."

Sinatra : "That is something to be proud of. Good for you. Now you can make up your own Jiwang lines and that is is an act of epic proportions of win!"

Gan Yeow Hock : "What's Lonesville in Malay ah?"

Sinatra : "Kampung Kesepian"

Gan Yeow hock  : "Oiyooooo Jiwang Sial..."

Sinatra : Translation -"Wahai cik adik, saya ni sesat, boleh tak anda tunjukkan saya jalan keluar dari kampung kesepian ini..." 

My New pick up line. Courtesy of Jayson Chua. Who is a tad lonely these days, especially when the girl he likes started kissing someone else. 

You poor bastard. 

And now some words of wisdom,
"We usually hear of abuses against women and children as these are visible to the eye. But emotional abuse against men are not so visible. We can't concentrate while praying and we cannot sleep in peace. This is how men are emotionally abused, but not many will discuss this in an intellectual manner."
-Nik Aziz-
Harakah - Saying that women's revealing dressing constitute a form of emotional abuse towards men. 

I got from Malaysian Politics say the Darndest things vol. 2

I just learned something new today,
apparently I was abused emotionally for years. 

That explains alot of things. 



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