Sinatra_Z - Zen Moments

I picked up many wisdom during my Uni years.
In fact, I think campus taught me more about life than Engineering itself.

The usual academic stress does have it's toll I however have many Zen moments to cope with it back then.

Was never much into meditation let alone any form of vedic eastern yin yang nature asimilation sort of a guy.

Nor was I that religious so Zikir was only occasional.

My Zen moments was,

Crapping in the most comfortable toilet in campus, located at the main library, seated and always dry while reading Far Eastern Economic Review taken from the magazine aisle.

Sitting in front of the campus mosque, on top that green hill looking at sunset.

Drinking a cold jasmine green tea while listening to the wind chime hanging in my window ontop of my 6th floor room. My hostel was on top of a hill so it was always windy.

Quietly sipping hot tea at Razlan's room while listening to Keroncong on Best 104 fm.