Sinatra_Z - Osama's Obituary

Barrack Obama announced today that US special forces gunned down United States most wanted terrorist, Al Qaeda founder and main sponsor of the Sept 11 terror attack, Osama Bin Laden.

There were cheers of joy outside whitehouse and all across America. A baseball game was halted with chants of "USA, USA, USA" once the news hits mobile phone networks. Across the western world Prime Ministers and Presidents congratulate US on their victory in completing this gruelling and costly 9 year hunt.

On the other hand, in other parts of the world, there's a sort of sadness upon hearing the news, in some parts of the Muslim world and other third world countries, Osama is somewhat equivalent to a modern day Che Guevara. Seen as the symbol of anti Americanism, Osama like Che has his faces imprint on various T-Shirts and his posters don in some left wing/Islamist teenager's room.

And so, upon hearing a news of such magnitude, I am moved to write an Obituary, well maybe not so much as an actual obituary but rather how I feel upon hearing his death.

I do not celebrate nor do I jump with joy upon hearing of his demise.

Nor do I weep let alone felt any loss to his death.

However I do feel that justice had been done,
not in the manner of how Americans can relate to, instead for my very own reasons.

I felt that justice had been done in that the Americans had just executed

1) The murderer of Shah Al Masoud, The Lion of Pansjhir

2) One of the main sponsors of Sunni-Shia civil war in Iraq

3) Strong supporter of Taliban in Afghanistan which engulfs Afghan Muslims in darkness, depravation and halt of progress for many-many years.

But most of all, I sincerely hope, that from now on let it be a scientist, thinker, scholar, writer, leader or any form of progressive icon to take on the mantle of symbolism against the injustice in the Muslim World and to an extent third world countries.

Osama may be the icon for resistance, but he is certainly not the symbol of a better future.


Al Fatihah.