Sinatra_Z - Sarimah and Relationships

DEC 16 — It all started when Sarimah Ibrahim appeared on “Melodi”, a TV3 programme featuring entertainment news and gossip which is a staple for housewives.

Sarimah, who was hunted by a pesky “Melodi” reporter with corny questions regarding her relationship status (they probably saw it on Facebook), commented along the lines that she wouldn’t mind if her admirers, who happened to see her in public, were to say hi or talk to her (she won’t bite) and that she prefers men who have a good sense of humour.

It just so happened that yours truly spent many Saturday mornings during his university days following episodes of “Samurai X” and “Card Captor Sakura” (yes that magical high school girl who collects cards) on “Kids @ NTV7” and saw Sarimah Ibrahim jumping around with her funny voice entertaining kids.

Let’s just say, Kak Sarimah brightened my Saturdays with her glow and positive energy. Yes, I had a crush on her back then and I admit I still do. So now, she’s single, wouldn’t mind random nerds saying hi to her in public and likes funny guys... you do the maths. And just to be clear with you folks, NO I am not planning on being her stalker.

But then what she said got me thinking about men with a sense of humour. How I have heard that many times over with various other women saying the exact same thing. Yes, that is what we are going to be discussing today instead of my nerdy fantasies of a cartoon show host. We’re going to talk about women and what they say about relationships and what they actually mean. Quite a transition, no?


i like the first paragraph of the 'Negotiating' bit. Its true, and I'm trying to overcome that. I guess it also reflect on how I decide to buy stuff i.e shoes. I have the specific design and colour in my head when I decide to go for shoe shopping that I always never get the pair of shoes that I want. But I still bought one, but they're not exactly what I want. So I decide to buy another shoe to get the other features that my old shoe does not have. Still they are not perfect. Really, I should alter my expectation rather than trying to alter the reality and accept my shoes as they are,no?


Shoes, can be altered according to your foot and if by all means you can't seemed to find the perfect shoes for your foot amongst millions of those on stores you can always order a custom made one.

Human beings on the other hand are not available on stores, custom made nor ordered. Unless you're considering a Russian Order Mail Bride, which does not guarantee satisfaction.

Thus to equate the anology between buying shoes and relationship may not be the best way to look at it.

If getting a partner is as easy as buying shows, I wouldn't be writing this piece.