#JOM Heboh

No this is not that JOM HEBOH, that huge TV3 event but it's lively nonetheless. Jelajah One Malaysia apart from doing community services aims to engage the young people of this nation. Unlike Pakatan Rakyat though, folks in Barisan Nasional have this world view that there more to politics than 'ceramahs' and street demonstrations hence instead of causing havoc, JOM organised a concert. Technically it still cause some havoc, only the good kind.

Being December in Kuala Terangganu, concert or no concert the rain is here in all it's glory along with winds from south china sea. So there it was, a concert with bands blaring their mad skills accompanied by some showers and a melodious tune of the east coast wind. On the up side, it does give that effect of a Queen's concert live in Wembley. Don't we all miss Freddy Mercury.....

However, rain it may be, the crowd was there, people from young and old, with friends and families came over to listen to young people expressing their creativity via music. This concert though, keeping to the spirit of engaging with young people, feature not only established bands but also local acts as well. You get band's with names like "Kugiran Belia Marang" performing on stage for the very first time. It was quite a local event as fans, friend and family came over to show their support.

Rock ON folks!!!!

This concert also comes as a relief for the volunteers who welcome a new breath of air other than the usual house repairing and kenduris. Well for once, for Khairy at least, he gets to do something other than laying bricks for houses and cementing floors.

Rain or Shine, the programmes gotta go, Rock on baby! Rock On!!

Right catch you later folks, there's a road I got to travel to... JOM