#JOM (Jelajah One Malaysia) - Real Politics

When one talks about politics the usual mental image that pops up in the mind would be either a fiery speaker holding a rally over thousands of people, street demonstrations with people wearing headbands shouting injustice over something or suited men debating (mostly shouting) in Parliament. But truth be told, beneath all of that supposedly happening picture of rallies and speeches, at least in Malaysia politics can be rather subdued most of the time, depending on which side your on at least.

Now they say that the most boring rallies are the ones organised by Barisan Nasional, I have to admit that. When you compare to rallies held by PAS or PKR especially, with their entourage of "pasar malam" stalls and a large arsenal of fiery speakers like Mat Sabu, Anwar Ibrahim and Mahfuz Omar it's like a carnival when these folks hold their rallies. Perhaps the only thing that could challenge their dominance would be a TV3 Sure Heboh.

The thing is, ceramah was never a BN's forte, BN politicians are prone to giving speeches about government policies, economic issues and actual facts which is quite boring to most. People want to hear about gossips, jokes or scandals, things that make their emotions stir, fiery speeches with brilliant rhetorical skills regardless of any substantive or actual facts.

Yet one may wonder, though ironic it may be to some, that most of Barisan's stronghold are located in the rural areas. It's because, though village folks are attracted to rallies and fiery rhetorical speeches, there's one thing that they would prefer more which is a rhetorics and that is actual, real, on the ground work which is something Barisan Nasional is very good at. Delivering real development.

To win audiences and popularity all you need is a good loudspeaker, very good rhetorical skills and the ability to conjure up amazing creative stories. However to win votes, you have to actually go on the ground, visit on your constituents, attending their events like weddings and funerals and solving their problems. That is "REAL POLITICS" at least in the context of Malaysian Politics. One of the thing that #JOM (Find us on twitter) highlights is the actual work of politics, where participants get's first hand experience in solving micro issues like repairing homes and delivering aids to those in need.

Eizwan visiting one of the repaired homes

Jamawi an UMNO Youth Exco taking pictures of the repairs.

This is a scenic picture in a typical malay village, yes that's about it :P

A competent Malaysian Parliamentarian is expected to have the ability to debate on issues, drive a taxi and basic construction skills.

Of course, apart from manual labour, volunteers (read city slickers) from JOM are expected to endure the usual kampung kenduri and by that eating local dishes (repeatedly especially during wedding season), hearing through a ketua kampung speech, greeting the locals and listening to their problems.

Nasi Dagang Be...

Kuala Nerus, Ganu kite.

Giat Mara CEO going down mingling with the village folks.

I admit, our nation is blessed with many young intelligent people, young people with opinion on how things should be done, how politicians should change and many other things. But commenting and writing about it on the internet is one thing, try going down the ground and actually experience what Malaysian Politics is all about. Regardless of what affiliation you may come from, Jelajah One Malaysia is searching for volunteers, young Malaysians who would like to contribute something to society but somehow lack the platform for it.

Interested in getting it down and dirty?

Drop a comment here and be a volunteer.