Sinatra_Z - Want and Need

In life Human beings have expectations.

Once they have acquired the basic needs such as food, water and a roof over the head we have this need to achieve things, having goals and dreams.

It's quite normal to have those,
in fact some say that it's good to dream big, to demand from oneself something truly worthy and that we should set high standards on ourselves for us to test our limit. There's a saying that goes

Aim for the moon, that way, even if you miss you'll still be amongst the stars!
W.Clement Stone

But sometimes,
we tend to expect things that we think would make us happy, but in truth it's not what we really need in terms of realisation, completing ourselves or in the simplest form of being happy.

Perhaps the influence of our surroundings, the illusion of our imagination coupled with our own vanity that acts as a catalyst it somehow distorts our aim in life.

we seem to be confused with what we WANT with what we NEED.

We think that what we want is what we need, but in truth more often than not, what we want and what we need are two very different things.

We may want to go fly away at some romantic windy place, underneath an oak tree in springtime reading books and learning at some old respected famous learning institution.

But what we really need to do now is to concentrate and graduate at this local college and get that damn degree before we could go anywhere.

Often men seem to think that the love they yearn for and dream about who would fill their hearts desire and bring happiness to their lonely nights.

When in truth their judgement is distorted more by the beauty of what they see rather than what they feel.

We want a big beautiful house, but what we need is actually a home.
We want a great adventurous romance, but what we really need is love.
We want to change the world, but what we really need is to change ourselves first.

Of course,
this is easier said than done, for your's truly frequently confused with what he needs to what he wants.

On several occasion I purposely set in my mind that the thing that I want is actually what I need when deep in me I know that this isn't true.

It's not that I'm discouraging you to dream big,
it's just that in life, time is limited and so do resources and energy. So don't go on wasting it all in chasing something that in the end proves to be of very little worth.

Perhaps before we go on setting our goals,
it's best for us to be honest to ourselves and clearly define the things that we need and the things that we want.

Of course,
this is easier said that done.

I amongst all can be the testament to that.

Just some thoughts on a quiet cold night that I thought worth writing about.

Till Then...


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