Sinatra_Z - Batu Sapi Blitzkreig

On Sunday with a 30 minutes notice I was asked whether I would like to hop in with the Pemuda UMNO's entourage to Batu Sapi the next day. Since Galas Gua Musang was a wee bit too calm I thought to myself, well why not. So on 3 pm Sunday, drove back to KL, unpack, repack and monday morning 4 a.m shoot out to catch the first flight to Sandakan.

The task was easy, just follow Khairy Jamaluddin's programme for Batu Sapi for two days and write about it. Little did I know however, how tiring and fast everything can be. Let's just say when Politicians do their rounds during by elections, there's more than just shaking hands and giving speeches. Let's let the pictures do the talking.

11 am touchdown on Sandakan Airport

Greeted by BN Youth Machinery (UMNO, PBS, LDP and etc...)

4WD convoy (Saudara Lokman Adam in front seat)

First stop was Tanah Merah where there was a short briefing on the statistics and stratergy by PBS in order to capture the votes in that area. It's a 'kampung air' with a predominant Chinese community. Most of them are fishermen.

Briefing on voters registration in that area

visiting fishermen

Ikan Masin :P nasib baik tak terpijak

Tongkang Association (sounds funny :P)

The usual "Hi, how are you, undilah barisan nasional"


Next stop was Kampung Gaas, the place where PKR candidate Hj Ansari fell into the sea twice, thankfully there was no similar incident. Officiating the opening of a new takraw court and the usual visit to the kampung folks.

From Taxi Driver to labourer.

Much to the amusement of the local youth.

KJ was here.

Penceramah Tersohor En. Lokman Adam

Salam salam undilah BN

Dedicated Photographer

After a brief stop at a nearby mosque for Zohor prayers the entourage heads for a Giat Mara workshop where a brief certification ceremony was held followed by a short ceramah.

To Be Continued....