Sinatra_Z - Honesty isn't always the best policy

Honesty is a trait that I really admire.

In fact I have been told by many it is something that is quite synonymous with me, by that I am the sort of person who finds little qualm in expressing his honest opinions.

But as I have learned along the way,

though Honesty is an admirable trait it may not be the best policy in certain situations.

Sometimes we have to tell white lies to give people some sort of encouragement and morale boosting,

I get that, I really do.

It's just that sometimes I get caught in those tricky situation, it's as if I was answering a tricky multiple choice question and pick the wrong answer and the end I feel really guilty about it.

I have learned my lesson, mostly the hard way, so today I am going to share it with you folks so that you may not repeat the same mistakes as I did.

#Lesson 1 -

When a girl is telling you something, usually a rant or an explanation of a certain situation, please don't get the illusion that she wan't to hear what you think about it.Though she may term it as "someone to talk to" or "Seeking advice" but she doesn't really want any form of advice or you talking back. Rather what she really want is for you to nod, sympathise and repeat what she says in a lower sombre voice.

#Lesson 2 -

If you're Malay and someone invited you to an event that you don't really want to attend, just say "Insyaallah".

#Lesson 3 -

When a girl ask a question like "If I were an animal what do you think I would be?" It's wise to pick something something that is either cute, majestic and proportional in size.

Good Answer - Cat, Rabbit, Tiger, Eagle, Dolphin, Lion, Horse etc..

Bad Answer - Elephant, Giraffe, Salamander, Gecko, Python etc..

#Lesson 4

When someone asks, what are you attracted to and by which they mean "the opposite sex" it's wise to pick something that is based on personality and always include in the word "chemistry".

#Lesson 5

When someone asks "So what did you do this morning?" It's wise not to tell everything.

#Lesson 6

When a someone asks "So what do you think of me?" What she really want it for you to tell good things about her.

#Lesson 7

"Am I such a (insert negative trait) person"

Good answer - "Of course not! Yes, sometimes you may be perceived as such but I think deep down inside you're really a...... "

Bad Answer "Yes"

#Lesson 8

You know the comment section underneath that "status update" isn't really about commenting. Why do you think there's only a "like" button?

So far that's all I could think of tonight.

Feel free to add some of yours.