Sinatra_Z - Thinking Out Loud

Like I said,

It's thinking out loud, don't take it seriously or literally.

Merely a thought that I decided to pen (or type) about.

The thing is, I always tend to fall for, have a crush on, fancy or have the hots (whatever definition it may be) for those activist passionate with something NGO sort of types.

The sort that want's to change things for the better and always have some sort of issue with the status quo. I mean I too have issues with the Status Quo and I too want to change things, but these issues are more towars the current state of Malaysia and you know pretty much very hyped up about it.

Be it economically, humanitarian wise, democratically and various other selfless moral high ground agenda.

In other words the sort that, well, hates UMNO alot.

And me being the fanboy that I am, who whistles to the Party Song when I'm driving (I think it's catchy) and actually have a flag and other party paraphernalia in my hood in case there's a by election emergency, here is where the problem arises.

It's not that I have any problems or issues with any other sort of types, it's just that I always wondered what it would be like to get involved with someone opposite, sado masochism? Opposite attraction?

I was wondering would it be cool to fake the whole damn thing. You know, join an NGO with a cause I don't give two shits about, something about the rights of dogs or some other NGO with the name Something "Rakyat" in it. Sitting in a circle listening to some psuedo bohemian hippie wannabe's rendition of his horribly badly worded poetry against the evil imprisonment of the people while sitting beside that hot hippe chick pretending to be utterly concerned and feel to the words of that half drunk half high so called "reformist". We'd listen to bob dylan or something and love freely all around while run around on a football field pretending it to be a lush large grassland freeing ourselves from the shackles of society in the name of love.

Sounds sweet.

But the thing is, I'm very easy to be found on the Internet and once she reads my stuff, about how right wing I can be, I bet things are going to get pretty dicey. It's like those folks who met me at conferences and later follow me on twitter, Oooh he is Mr Right all right, Right Wing that is.

Mana mau cari lah a hippie activist chick who dosen't uses the internet.

Anyway it's just a random thought so don't read too much into it. Plus it's late and I always think of weird things at this hour.

I guess in the end what's the point of getting involved with someone if you can't be yourself no?

The right wingness, UMNO thing, sarcasm, frank sinatra belching, keris lover and lame corny pick up lines comes with whole package.

Well no one's perfect.

I think that's a good way to end this thought.

Good Night Folks!