Sinatra_Z - Logging Out

For it is at times like these,

in the early morning hours,

where solitude rule and the occasional sounds of crickets and motorcycle speeding over the freeway,

my mind murmurs,

of mindless thoughts dancing prancing imagining away.

Solitude in a way,

can make you think thoughtful matters,

usually quite harmless,

yet sometimes solitude can conjure up pictures,

sometimes quite disturbing, unnverving and the occasional ridiculous ideas.

Maybe that's how Hitler wrote Mein Kampf.

You see I have been doing many things alone before,

always had the balls to go solo,

I watched movies alone when I felt like it,

karaoke, dine, stroll and even walk into a party filled with strangers,

In the middle of the field at night and just sit,

conjuring up images based on random cloud movements,

sitting alone listening to wind chimes,

thinking of things that happend back in those times.

Then on one fateful night,

One of those quiet lonely ones,

I dreamt of being alone, old and alone,

with all the power and influence that a man can hold,

in a lovely mansion with the occasional asistant dropping by,

relaying messages, commands or advice,

planning things behind the scenes,

the sort of man who control real power,

something like J Edgar Hoover,

and somehow in that dream,

I didn't feel alarmed, shocked and there was this absence of scare.

Null, Void, Zilch, to me it wasn't a nightmare.

Quite pleasant actually,

I seemed to be okay with it.

Sleeping alone in a lovely home,

It felt quite comfortable,

Which is why when I woke up,

I said so myself "Perhaps It's time to meet new people"

"And occasionally log out from the Internet"

Hi my name is Zaidel, Nice meeting you.

I think I'd better get back to the real world.

Good Night Folks