Sinatra_Z - When in Putrajaya, do what the Putrajayans do

"Apa la best sangat Putrajaya ni?"

"Eh jangan kutuk Putrajaya ni tau, I really love this place, used to walk around here alot during my college days."

"Ahh yes MMU"

"Yeah it's nearby Cyber."

"What is there to see"

"Well there's that lovely lake with fishes and when I'm stressed or anything I would bring in some bread to feed them, I even saw some fishes grew as time goes by."

"Wow impressive, fishes."

"And the buildings are beautiful, plus I like to walk at this housing area where they place the high ranking civil servants and imagine I live in there."

"Okay look so it's nice, I admit, but as a tourist but to live in here"

"What's wrong with it? It's peaceful and quiet"

"Exactly it's peaceful and quiet, I seriously don't see settling down here, I mean after nine there's nothing here everything is closed, there's no nice coffee shop and places to go. Bandar macam mati, senyap sunyi, apa la kejadahnya nak buat malam kat putrajaya ni."

"Laa nak buat apa lagi MAIN lah!"

Who knew talking about Putrajaya with a girl can be so interesting. Do take note, that I don't really fancy living in Putrajaya.


Scene - Kedai Kopi Haji Tapah

"Betul bro aku pun buat macam tu jugak, bawak bini aku jalan-jalan lepas tu ye lah, ko paham je lah bila dah malam."

"Habis tu bila bini kau outstation?" (Note that his wife is working in Penang and she drops by once a week)

"Aku main game PS3 dengan XBOX aku, besok pasang UNifi, boleh main online game"

"Betul betul main ni"