Sinatra_Z - Ta.. wow..

So apparently there's a gym at the hotel and I decided to pay it a visit.
Located on the 5th floor beside this place called the Health Centre.

Health Centre a gym and a shower/locker room. Pretty standard.

After the gym I decided to drop by this health centre after the receptionist said that it was actually a Spa.

Entering the SPA or Health Centre I was greeted by this 40-50 something year old lady.

"Hallo boss, apa you mau?"

"Sini ada apa ah?"

"Massage la."

"Oooh ok, kira macamana?"

"Kira? Kira apa?" she asked again

"Harga? Massage."

"Oooh ahh sini Massage kira 60 ringgit la biasa punya, tapi kalau you mau satu set."

"Satu set?"

"Ahh ya satu set?"

"Apa la satu set?"


She looked at me for a short moment and then calmly answered

"Satu set itu kira massage sikit-sikit lepas tu main la."

"Huh main? uhhh.... OOooohh Main!! errrr berapa la itu?"

"Itu kita charge dua latuih."

"Ahh ok, nanti lah."

I was probably the first person to walk in there and asked that what's a 1 set question.
Apalah Zaidel, buat malu orang kampung je.

Since I'm a cheapskate,
sadly for you this is as far as it gets.
RM 200 is way to cheap for my body.

Which reminds me,
we wanted to eat steak the other day so we dropped by this place called Cybill Stake House. When we went there apparently the place is actually called Cybill Karaoke and Lounge Steak House.

And they don't sell steak,
But they do sell oysters though.

Note to self : Don't ask stupid questions at dodgy looking Spas.



1 set tu apa? soalan paling naive yang mama-san tu pernah dengar kot. hahaha. nasib baik ko tak tanya 'main apa? kejar kejar?' haha.

happy ending... nice story beb.



hope to read your opinion about this one...


Kisah benar memang kadang-kadang mengalahkan ficiton