Sinatra_Z - Spinning Rant

These days I read and hear people talk about media spinning and what not.
How they write passionately about the main stream media being the master spin doctor, the bias in it and how it serves their political masters. It seem to be the "IN" thing in the internet these days, a one tracked writing fad I guess.

But don't get me wrong,
I'm not saying that it's not true, the perception that one has about media spinning and serving certain quarters is true, in a sense. Just like how Fox news is biased towards the Republicans and MSNBC to the democrats, I mean we are all somewhat delusional if we think that MCA owned TheStar would be truly independent if a brilliant democracy loving activist is their editor. Oh come on, humans by nature are bias, that is how things just is.

Look I get it.

But I do have a slight problem,
I have a slight problem with some people who writes vehemently about spinning and bias yet gets his daily dose of "Indipendent/non spinning" news comes from Harakah, Malaysia Today, Malaysian Insider, Suara Keadilan and god knows what else.

Harakah Daily, truly a non bias news medium eh. Very independent, much-much independent that New Straits Times no? Your train of logic is impressive......

Let's not forget....

The rabid Malaysia Today fan boys who rabidly comments on his every writings has the balls to actually complain about spinning from TheStar?

Or how about that columnist who blames everything to BN and how wonderful, perfect and great Selangor is under PR rule, yet the same time accuse some people of having delusions.

the truth is,
many of the angry folks out there who complain about spinning are not really pissed at the act of spinning.

They're just angry because the news,
are not spinning to their own liking.

That's the truth,
and guess what sparky... The truth hurts.

So please,
I have had enough of idiots who complain about spinning yet at the same time can be wanking upon reading RPK's latest posting.

At least have the balls to admit it!

You think I like reading some of the spinning crap in TMI? NO!
But hey, the owners paid for that bloody hosting and bills from their own pockets and they be pretty damn stupid if they cant dictate what news to be published.

Life is like that!

I'm okay with you being bias, I am!

But please don't try to pretend that you're not. It's just pathetic.


Bias is everywhere, actually... :)


post terbaik. semua orang pernah bersikap bias, racist and penipu at least dozens of time in their life.

the best of people is when they admit their mistake and acknowledge others will make the same mistake too.


ok fine ill admit it
im biased towards myself

aku ingat aku ni hensem gila babi siut


peh babi gila pun ingat ko tak hensem ko tau tak


You are so right. Its the same with racism,bro. Calling another person a racist by making a racist statement towards that person. You get that a lot on MT. Amazing how their mind works. And how low they go.
Me? Well, I THINK I'm not a racist or a bigot but I tend to "lean" towards my own race when they're down and being hit left ,right and center. I'd like to tell them they're not alone. So what does that make me? Biased?


kalau cakap lu bangang mesti lu marah

harakah tu akhbar parti la bongok