Sinatra_Z - Memories of Melancholic Melodies

Few years back in Uni,
as I was lying in the dark trying to put myself to sleep,
there was this whispering melody vibrating in the air.

I tuned my ear,
only to find out that it sounds familiar.
Tunes of old songs that I listen to.
As I navigate myself to the source of that melody, I find myself in front of my friend's room.

"Dude, what's with the oldies?"

"Ahhh, you sure got good taste bro, I copied most of these songs from your computer."

"Glad you liked it, these sort of songs are this hour, what's up?"

After a long silence

"She's getting married tomorrow bro"

As he lit up another cigarette the story then flows,
no advice was given, no point of view was shared nor was any counter argument forwarded.

Only silent nods and bitter smiles exchanged.

The general rule is,
once the story is out it's time to leave him alone with those tunes.

And as I walked away, the soothing Sinatra Saloon Song fills the air...