Sinatra_Z - Rapunzel

was a long haired blonde who was locked in a tower by a witch with reasons I am not that bothered enough to find out.
She was imprisoned there since she was 12 and many years after, possibly when she has arrived at the age of driving, legal drinking and out from the boundaries of "Statutory Rape" a handsome prince came and rescue her. Conveniently.

This of course, like any other fairy tale was her happy ending.

However unlike other fairy tales, there is quite an interesting distinction to be noted from Rapunzel's story. Cinderella was rescued from forced domestic labour, Snow White was rescued from an eternal sleep while Rapunzel, may I simply conclude, was rescued from boredom.

I mean she looked all fine and dandy and obviously she was well taken care off, after all it takes pretty good grooming to grow that long beautiful strong blonde hair. Imagine the amount of shampoo it takes to wash that. There was no dragon, the prince didn't have to battle anything and all he had to do was climb up and rescue her from that cursed life of staring and ponder.

Occasionally one may encounter with a Rapunzel or a variation of her. May not necessarily be bored to death but in waiting for a prince to come and rescue her from her life. Though female empowerment is quite the trend these days there are that one girl who awaits and dreams of that one man who would rescue her from that small town, a form of a tower.

And like Rapunzel,
one indeed is quite the fair maiden.

Sadly though, like Red Riding Hood, more than note, instead of a prince, she get's gobbled up by the big bad wolf who wears a convincing disguise.

You know,
I never see myself as a knight in shining armour what more a prince.
I don't have the glitter, persona what more the look of a prince nor do I see myself sparkle in a shining armour or to actually fit in one.

Rapunzel wanted me to rescue her,
Too bad, instead showing up in a white horse, I rode off to fight in a crusade, leaving Rapunzel in her tower waiting for someone else to climb up and rescue her.

I don't wager my life for the hand of the fair maiden,


I'd wager it for king and country.

maybe someday Rapunzel would learn to climb down herself, using her hair as rope and cut it off when she gets down. Instead of waiting, maybe she could get into her own adventures, learn and see things beyond her window, to actually dream of many dreams and rather than the usual "They lived happily ever after" it's "Off to another adventure!"

But then,
If she cuts off her beautiful hair, she would no longer be a princess and for some that may be a wee bit hard to do.


Screw it!
I'm off to hunt some Saracens!