Sinatra_Z - Ramadhan Wisdom 1


I head this from my mom who heard it from her friends.
When buying food from Pasar Ramadhan it is good to buy with Wisdom. There would come a time when you have 5 stalls selling the same thing eg. curry puffs and how would you know which one to choose from.

Takkan nak mintak sample kot, Malulah orang tau ko tak puasa.


Pick the one that has a worn down umbrella, try not to buy from the one that has a spanking new stall parasol.

Because during Ramadhan you have these ramadhan traders mushrooming all over Pasar Ramadhan all over the nation. Ramadhan Traders are stall owners who don't usually sell food the rest of the year, they just merely taking the chance of making some extra money by opening a food stall at the Pasar which is why their parasol is usually clean. Where as the dirty or worn down parasol are your regular curry puffs seller, these stall owners are definitely not going to ditch their old stall umbrella and buy a brand new one for the spirit of Ramadhan.

So now you know eh...

Pretty Obvious no.....

"Is it a bird? Is it a flying Plastic Bag? No it's SOHperman"

p/s - This technique will not work if the regular curry puff maker decided to buy a brand new parasol because the old one has gone missing.


Hmm...thank you for the tips, next time I make a trip to the pasar Ramadan, i'll make sure the stall have a worn parasol. LOL.

My mom make excellent currypuffs. if only i can persuade her to open a currypuff store, she'd be millionaire by now. :-P


zaidel yang poyo...ko tengok ko punya pasal aku kena buka blog semata2 nak komen blog ko..dah la ko komen dr khir punya blog macam tulis pantomen.poyo sungguh ko nie..ko raya balik kg tak...