Sinatra_Z - Bangsa Malaysia

It is funny these days that so many people seem to be hyping about Bangsa Malaysia without really understanding the fundamentals of it.

Many of us equate the concept of BangsaMalaysia similar to being an American or British. We would like to erase the notion of having race definitions and just brand ourselves as one unifying concept of the Malaysian Race. Yet even Americans and even Brits do differentiate themselves along racial lines. You have African Americans, Hispanic, Asians, Scotts, English, Irish and etc.

They do not have one definitive race but instead use concept of citizenship. That is why you have Indian who is an American Citizen. The only nations that truly use one definitive race concept which is defined by the nation would be the communists and they are all gone. Even China is no longer communist is you ask me.

So technically Bangsa Malaysia is flawed even by it’s name. But for sake of argument let’s just go along with this.

Some “intellectuals” and many foreign reporters hailed the last general election results as a turning point of the Malaysian History where people are no longer bind to their race. This of course seems to be wishful thinking oh their side and shows that some of these pseudo intellectuals do not really understand the Malaysian Public.

People vote the other way as a sign of protest against the current government lead by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. A sign of protest against bad economic policies, rising cost of living and disgust among Barisan traditional supporters and members who were disillusioned by his leadership.

Ask yourselves who is more Ultra Malay. Is it Mahathir or Abdullah? Yet Mahathir had the backing of the non malays in during the 1999 elections.

But back to the topic at hand which is Bangsa Malaysia. Here is some of the reasons why I find it baffling whenever I hear politicians talk about Bangsa Malaysia. You see Bangsa Malaysia is an identity not a policy. Fighting corruption, better education system and economic restructuring are policies. Bangsa Malaysia is an Identity.

To have the identity of Bangsa Malaysia is it not best to start educate our children first in disregarding their differences?

Why is there the need to have different schools with difference language?

should be the lingua franca in Bangsa Malaysia is it not?

So why do you need Chinese schools or Indian Schools, We are not in
China or India are we. Hence we should only have National School with Bahasa Malaysia as the de facto language.

What is the point of changing the name of Bahasa Melayu to Bahasa
Malaysia if "Malaysians" are not using it.

Irony is when the very people who hails and shouts about Bangsa
Malaysia can at the same time chief defenders of this segregation our children policy and parallel Identity education system.

Is Bangsa
Malaysia issue only applicable to open tender projects, university qualifications and questioning the Malay Rights or the so called fantasy of social contract?

Is it not the best way of having a national identity is to adopt or integrate society. This is why you have strict integration rules in countries like France and Germany. Once you are a French Citizen you are to be expected to speak French, embrace the French values and the constitution.

But it seems here that being a Bangsa Malaysia is to not be a Malay.

In fact the Irony is so clear and obvious that it baffles me at why some people are oblivious to it. Do you notice that almost in all discussion of Bangsa Malaysia is done in English.

Now this paradox is similar to having invited a bunch of Chinese (China) intellectuals to discuss about the Chinese identity in Hindi with members of the audience all citizens of China.

This article itself speaks of the paradox, why is it so? Because if it were to be written in Bahasa Malaysia many of us Malaysians might not be able to fully participate in the discussion.

Ahh yes, Indeed Hypocrisy at it's best.

It is true that these days there are many racists who mask themselves as liberals...

I guess many here want's to adopt the concept of Bangsa Malaysia only when it is convinient or benificial to them.


Hypocrites are everywhere, Sinatra... :-(

Money and power are undermining the concept of true 'Bangsa Malaysia'