Sinatra_Z - Spare me your SPAMS (BBM Users)

I own a Blackberry,
a cheap curve 3G Blackberry, not that great. The rubber button on top which also is the MUTE button peeled off last month and since I had to press that button to Unlock this blackberry so I had to change the whole damn casing.

And Since Blackberry us no Nokia the whole thing costs me about 160. One hundred bloody sixty for the cheapest blackberry 3G model.

It's not that I can't afford a nicer model it's just that I'm cheap, so 160 pisses me off. Anyway, there was a bunch of casings to choose from and the shop owner suggested the original piece, but since I was going to blow some money over this might as well pick a casing that makes my blackberry look unique and lo and behold I pick a dark Blue casing.

Dude was looking at me and asking me twice whether I was sure, and so I was very darn sure.

And now I have a blackberry that looks like a blueberry and often people mistake it for a cheap handphone toy one may find at Giant Hypermarket Taman Permata.

Blueberry Blackberry.

But putting things aside, with it's price and crappy apps and OS I actually like my Blackberry and the chief reason for that is the Blackberry Messenger.

Blackberry Messenger is like the nut in M&Ms, without it it's just like a clourful sweet chocolate, makes the difference between M&M and Smarties.

But of course,
though I love the technology, like many things I just can't stand the bloody users.

Imagine getting spams daily,
these days out of the 10 dings I get from my BBM 9 of them would be some retard spamming something crappy, either some advice coming from someone, a list of crappy jokes or just some retarded greetings like

"Good morning my BBM frenszzzz Luv U allz 4eva!!"

And it get's really bloody annoying,
when I get a Ping in the middle of the night, and fearing that perhaps a lonely hot chick may need some company in the middle of the lonely quiet night and all she can think of is me though that may be quite remote and as unlikely as a million rabid monkeys typing shakespeare over some parallel universe BUT IT MIGHT HAPPEN...

Lo and Behold

I get an asshole spamming me with advices on how to be a good man or insignificant news like dogs getting rabies on the testicles in rural china so authorities are clamping down on dog meat buffets.


No matter How awesome you might think that advice may be,
or the fact that if you forward this message to your friends you dreams will come true.

Do me a favour..

Spare me your SPAMS


...dogs getting rabies on the testicles in rural china so authorities are clamping down on dog meat buffets.

*howls with laughter*