Sinatra_Z - The Incident

Tonight it's the red BEN,
the one without the power steering, came back from his barbecue suddenly an SMS came into my phone.

At first I thought it was one of those tea drinking sessions in Desa,
Sh, Limau, Joe and the rest were probably plotting with a cup of teh o ais in their hand while we, quietly enjoy those great barbecue meat that he had always cooked.

Regardless of the subversive nature of our barbecue it was actually a good day. My article cam out in the portal, stoked some big attention arguing about the usage of Allah. Many-many angry comments which naturally makes me quite turned on by it but also many-many more quielty supporting it.

"Thank god, someone like you stood up for us" or "Nice argument bro, we need more people like you"

Being nice was no longer the option, time to burn right in front of their face, be it what they may call me but that's how I do it.

Then of course, the SMS came in.

"The Church in Taman Melawati got torched, some unknown assailants was seen throwing molotov cocktails into the compund."

Carefully drove down, hoping that this was a minor incident, perhaps maybe just a door or a window got burned. But it was not so, it was the real thing, with smokes and glass broken, the whole compouned was burned badly.

"This is a protestant church for crying out loud, not only are these idiots stoking some serious shit but they hit the wrong #*&(*#&$$(* Church, how dumb can they be?"

I parked my car,
called on Joe to get some confirmation and just stood at the side of the building. Quite some distance, and from afar I can see the three of them looking on the burning church, then her family came.

There I was sending messages to some of the boys saying

"Holy crap shit has hit the fan."

Speechless as ever, though I still stood firm on my beliefs yet can't help but feel really really bad inside of me.

After an hour plus and once I saw them going off, with smokes rising and firemen clearing up the scene I wen't back.

Then I saw the update

"A Church in Taman Melawati got torched today, unknown assailants came in and broke the window, Salam 1 Malaysia"

The the most Ironic part is that,
on the chat we talked about the article I wrote and how gung ho I was in defending what was right.

And Ironically, that night, that churched was torched.

I hardly have any Drama in my life,
but this..... well this is quite something.

And so,
I emailed my Editor.