Sinatra_Z - Origins of Father's day

2 Years ago I wrote this... Just felt like sharing it again.

Happy farter.. fathers days to all fathers out there including my father.

My father likes to fart and he used to play the infamous pull my finger joke when I was a kid. Someday when I become a dad I too would want to fart on my kids, that would be insanely fun.

Back to fathers day. Unlike the glamour of Mothers day where Oprah and Hallmark channel goes on a feminism frenzy fathers day usually goes by pretty calmly. Well this is not particularly the media's fault, hallmark and Oprah does go on a fathers day propaganda campaign but fathers in Malaysia are more busy with belching while watching Euro 2008/Worldcup 2010. While other fathers who areb't bothered by football are to busy worrying about fuel hike or politics.

Alas on father's day I would like to share with you a story, regarding the origins of father's day. Yes I read about it when I was a kid.

Fathers day is a holiday derived from an old Nordic tradition.

Once upon a time there was a Nordic viking king name Thor. Thor's name was taken in honour of the lightning god for the Nordic people. Like his name Thor was a very strong warrior king, when Thor was a young man he began a campaign to unite all of Scandinavia under his rule and with his ruthlessness and fighting ability he managed to achieve his dream.

Alas Scandianvia was at peace as there are no more war mongering warlords fighting each other trying to gain supremacy. One might thought everything was peaceful and pleasant but Thor was an evil and mean king. Apart from beating up random peasants while walking his wolf Thor would demand presents from all of his subjects once every year during his birthday. This day he declare was Thor's Day, and no one is to be excluded in giving presents on Thor's Day.

As the peaceful years gone by (hence no exercise) Thor kept on wining, dining and making love to his hairy Scandinavian wives. This activities has taken a toll on Thor's body. Thor once known for his solid rocky six pack now has a one cushioned wobbly One PACK stomach. Long gone are the sexy Scandinavian viking stud and now there's this Fat Lazy King. So the peasants now began to take a snipe on the viking king and began calling Thor's Day as Fat Thor's Day.

One day as Thor was strolling down a river he stumbled upon a bridge. On the other side was this handsome young Swede swordsman was already half way through the bridge. Since Thor is such a fat bastard one of them have to give way by getting off the bridge. Thor being a king ordered the Swede Swordsman back off to which the Young Swede refused. So they decided to have a duel right there on the bridge.

Sadly though Thor now was no longer that great of a warrior thanks the calories he gets by eating too much Elk meat. Hence during their intense sword fighting the Young Sweede accidentally cut off Thor's penis thus became what was known to be the first recorded Sex Change operation. So now not only did Thor lost his pride but also his family jewels.

Once news of this spread across the country peasants began to joke about it whether to call Thor a King or a Queen and as a result of that Fat Thor's Day was then changed to Fat Her's Day to coincide with the new status of the monarch.

And thus tells the history of Father's Day.


Muahahahaha. You do know how to mix stories with jokes.