Sinatra_Z - Love and Peace

Comelnya dia, aku rasa macam nak bawak dia balik rumah lepas tu kasi dia makan.

Whenever I head these words it immediatly remind me of an Indian Zen Guru that makes a lot of money by talking cock and conning young blond hippies to sleep with him somewhere in new Delhi.

Call me a cynic but somehow I get pretty pissed or irked at idiots that rant on the same shit again and again about how God loves us all and how we are all special and unique in the eyes of god bla bla bla bla love and world peace.

Lets not forget holier than thou posts on the internet at how we should all behave and love the lord and each other and everything else on earth can be solved by love and baking cakes. "I personally believe that (insert crappy hippy talk)" are how they usually start off.

The truth is...
If the world is all beautiful and peaceful and we all would love each other then guess what..

The World would be a BORING PLACE!!!!

So let me be the trailblazer in breaking this crappy mentality of a high marijuana smoking hippie,
Human Beings do not fundamentally love each other deep in their heart. If you think the opposite let me assure you that I really HATE YOU for starters. I don't really know you so to be safe I proclaim that you are an arse and it is up to you to prove to me otherwise. And trust me there are many people out there who thinks the same way but are not bothered or impolite enough to say that. Let's get this fact into your head and then we move on brainwashing you into hating idiots who walk their dog to melawati hill and let those ugly mutts shit on the walking path.

OOhh look my dog is cute look at him crapping!

Oh yeahhh... This post is filled with HATE and INTERNETS!!

You want reality?? Here is the TRUE nature of HUMANS

p/s - I like my chocolate with nuts. Oh yeah, Kinky.....