Sinatra_Z - The Real Issue

While I was walking up Melawati hill a regular there (a middle aged dude) greeted me and asked where was I since he had not seen me for quite sometime.

With sweat visible on his white Barisan Nasional T-Shirt he asked me..

"So, apa macam you ingat betul ka ini Anwar? Jangan takut la ini baju orang kasi punya."

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed... Need to ask why?


So while panting I answered him ..

"Sebenarnya saya tak suka Anwar Ibrahim bukan sodomi punya kes, Saya tak suka dia punya policy, dia punya Idea, terlalu shortsighted."

"Oooh itu macam ka?"

"Yup, apa dia buat dekat rumah tu dia punya pasal la sebenarnya. Dia mau main belakang ke depan ke saya mana tau.."

And I continued my walk.

The truth is as much as dramatic and exciting things may be we Malaysians tend to forget the real issue here. Yes I know it is fun to read about a secret homosexual affairs or about some dead mongolian girl which is why one of the reason why Harian Metro was so popular when they aired the murder case of Perak's Raja Di Hilir's 2nd wife.

When all of these crap is happening around especially regarding the sodomy report I was waiting what CheDet has to say (well duh!).

Instead this is what I got..

I want a leader who thinks like that.

Not someone who decides economical principle base on popular demands.