Sinatra_Z - True Love

Location : Padang Bola Permata 4, Gerai Burger Wans.

Protagonists : J P, A and Zl

While strumming soft mellowed tunes from his guitar followed bu soft soothing tropical wind that Night Anthony just sat quietly listening to this conversation....

P : "J do you Believe in True Love?"

J : "What is true love?"

P: "True love is about finding that one special person who holds your heart, the one that you know will be your soul mate. Once you find your true love you know she is the only one for you."

J: "you see I don't believe that, I think it's bullocks, how do you know which girl is your true love?"

Peter : "You just know, it's sort of how can I explain emotion and you feel fulfilled.."

J : "Okay wait, you date with this girl then you fall in love with her and you feel comfortable with her how do you know that she is the one that can make you happy? Maybe say if another girl comes along maybe she can make me happier than this one?"

A : "So you want to sleep with every chick on earth lah to find out?"

J : "I wouldn't mind that"

P : "Joe you cannot think that way, that is not love that is lust. Love is not merely about hacing sex or maybe that girl is better for me. True love is to accept her for whatever she is."

J : "With all do respect ah I notice that True Love always tend to be someone nearby you. Whatcan't your tru love is a women somewhere in Africa? Why must it's always be someone who lives near you. I just don't buy that there is that special someone and only one for you in this world."

P: "Okay look there is this thing such as fate and fate is determined bla bla bla .......

Joe: "Okay wait, obviously we are at odds here, let's be fair and ask a third party about this. Anthon?"

A: "No comment man..."

J : "Zl? What is true love to you?"

Z : "True Love the title of this Japanese Dating Simulation game I once played during my second year. You play the role of this high school student who just got transferred into this new school. Upon arriving there he got to know some female characters each with their own distinctive attributes. For instance there is this smart girl lah, sporty girl lah, teacher lah and etc. So everyday you must set your timetable to do activities which in turn give you points on your attributes. Say you want to hit the sporty chick right then you must set your daily activites more towards sport events so that your sport attributes points goes up and go to events where chances of meeting her are higher thus increasing your relationship point. The key is not to try and hit all different girls at once but plan which girl you are after then replay the game to get different endings. Interesting game, pretty hard but quite interesting."